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  1. I hear a bunch of commotion from the CBB forums and when I get here, the fires out, the arsonist has already been crucified and has asked for forgiveness! I didn't even get to cast one stone. Such a bummer. Warn me sooner people, always love be me stoning.


    Like your spunk ooooooooooooo et cetera.

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  2. Hi it's my first time here on the forums nice to meet all you HH heads. I'm so excited to wake up bright and early tomorrow and start my day listening to those beautiful boys. Nobody can talk to me on a Tuesday morning until I've had the fresh steamy new ep of HH and a cup of hot coffee on the side!


    Nice to have a new face! Can't wait to see you around more! And you will have to get used to the clown talk, it's a commen theme around here... sadly.

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  3. Clowns are and have been the most hilarious performers of comedy for thousands of years. Who could forget the classic "my nose honks" bit? Or the "smell this flower. Oops, now your face is all wet!" bit? Call now you'll receive all these bits and more on 5 compact discs!


    I got no such DVD collection! I called the hotline and a woman picked up, I was resured several times to that fact, even though it sure sounded like a dude. This woman began to talk dirty to me, I kept telling her I wanted clown stuff and she would tell me something about her hair or that she had some kind of itch. Who knows, after an hour and 20 minutes on the phone, and getting nowhere, I got off the phone to only find out this clown DVD place charged me $2 a minute!!!


    The customer service is poor, I didn't get the product, sounds like they have serious Human Resources problems, and they charged me $240! I suggest you don't call the number.

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  4. why can't anyone in this forum ever be serious?! THE FUCKING PODCAST IS CANCELED and all you jerkoffs act like you couldnt care less. FACE THE FACTS: 1. Hollywood Handbook was one of Earwolf's lowest rated podcasts. 2. Its not like the old days, they have corporate investors now who only care about the BOTTOM LINE (remember paywall?). 3. This was already Sean & Hayes second chance after Reality Show Show 4. When Andy Kaufman died everyone thought it was another one of his elaborate jokes (EVEN HIS PARENTS).


    lol, wow! I think this is one of the best characters yet! Is this a Reddit thing? I may have to check it out more if that's the case!

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