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    Episode 416 - Silicone Bralley Poo Crew

    gotta be honest. not a fan of the racist chinese accent middleditch is doing in this podcast. turned me off a lot. and i can tell kumail felt a bit awkward about it as well. i mean would they do a stereotypical indian accent in front of him, saying India was calling. Hell no. Not sure why doing a stereotypical chinese accent is any better. first time i actually was offended by anything on this show. i don't think anyone should be condemned for it, or blocked from doing such things. i think comedy should be completely open. but i didn't find it very funny personally, and was offended. but nobody cares when asian people are offended really. we are an easy target because we never complain or cause too much of a ruckus about things. kind of sad you guys had to stoop to this sort of really cheap/easy stuff. it's not like you guys aren't great at comedy and improv. why rely on such easy things that require zero creativity? i mean anyone could do that voice.
  2. I lost it when you said the theme for the prom was going to be "The View". hahha