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    Lucy (2014)

    HBO just added the movie Lucy (2014) starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. My boyfriend thought it would be a fun movie for us to watch but when we finished I literally thought how the hell did this get made?!?! This movie has: - terrible CGI - Scarlett Johansson's face melting off - A protagonist no one cares about - Morgan Freeman's voice - Scarlett Johansson calling her mom to tell her she remembers the taste of her breast milk - An Avatar tree - Blue fancy cocaine - Scarlett Johansson traveling through time on an office chair - Some guy in a cowboy hat - Black goo from Scarlett Johansson's fingertips - and MORE Basically everything you've always AND never wanted from a Scarlett Johansson/Morgan Freeman movie. http://www.theatlant...ereview/375006/ ^^^pretty much sums it up This would be a PERFECT movie for the podcast and everyone can watch it for free through the HBO now app. Thoughts?