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  1. ChuckNipper

    Episode 81: ED WOOD

    I personally love this movie but is it REALLY one of the greats? I don't see it.
  2. ChuckNipper

    Episode 79: THE USUAL SUSPECTS

    I honestly hate this film. It was maddening listen to this podcast and hearing two otherwise intelligent people claim the film's biggest weakness is a strength. The twist renders it all meaningless. You can't have a film told ENTIRELY from POV if unreliable narrator and have the twist be that the unreliable narrator was lying! That is cheap, stupid and leaves rest of film uttering unworthy of any further analysis because who-gives-a-shit. And without the twist (admittedly a cool moment)? It's just a boring crime thriller. This movie sucks, full stop, and is a hard and obvious NO for the canon.
  3. ChuckNipper

    Episode 73: THE LOST WEEKEND

    It's a very good film but not one of the greats for me. It's historical significance is on the social level, not its contribution to innovation for cinema, which I find to be a better argument for including a film in the canon. A soft no for me.