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    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    This might be getting too 'Meta' but I'd love to see a future episode of HDTGM about episode 134 of the HDTGM podcast. How did 134 get made?? I'm not joking but to the complaints going on. I think its a huge compliment in a way, fans now expect so much epic funny from the Live episodes, even more if June is there in person (or via Skype) and then this particular movie was just such a perfect 'setup' to get hilariously trounced by the trio. So take it as a compliment guys. If she'd done this on 1000 other podcasts or even some other in-studio earlier episodes you'd just get little annoyance but because the show is now reaching new awesome high-levels of expectation so was the devastation. Think of yourselves as Star Wars Prequels!