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    Episode 612 - The Juice Is Loose

    (You take care)
  2. Hey, look, a Playbill. Shrugging Destiny Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino, and Paul F. Tompkins Act I "You Gotta Crush A Kid's Dreams" - Parents, Bradley, Jenny, Steve, Kevin "Shrug It Off" - Steve, Jenny, Devon "Put Yourself First" - Parents, Smooth Citizen Radio DJ "You Can Fuck Right Off" - Orphan "Dang Dang Dang You Know" - Devon, Orphans Act II "No One Wants To Eat At Chipotle" - Chipotle Staff Member, Floor, Guacamole "Tokyo Driftin'" - Steve, Kevin, Devon "You Can Do That" - Straight Fyre "A More Famous Rabbit" - Lil' Ken "What Do I Do (Collaborative and Humble)" - Devon, Straight Fyre, Pastor "Tokyo Driftin' (Reprise)" - Devon "The Right Stuff (Finale)" - Devon, Kyle, Orphans, Parents
  3. Werner Herzog and Big Sue have a wonderful rapport.
  4. flibber

    Episode 419 - The 7th Anniversary Show!

    I'm loving this episode so far, and I'm going to continue doing so without telling someone expressing mild disappointment about a guest-heavy episode being all men to fuck off.