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  1. First live podcast ever, and it was awesome! Met so many cool people and made friends. Was just friggin awesome to nerd out with everyone over Hot Saucerman, Lauren, which PFT character is king, and Neil Campbell being just the Neil Campbell-est. Earwolf friends are the best friends! -Katie
  2. Hey Nong Man! Here's the deal. This Tuesday I have had a one day trip planned to stay in Durham, NC to see Comedy Bang! Bang! The thing is, my mom is in the ICU, has been for about a week now. She's been in bad health for awhile, recovering from lymphoma and now has fluid in her lungs and can't breathe well on her own. All joking a salad, I just can't leave her side right now. I's desperately hoping someone might be willing to buy my tickets. The show is May 10 @ 8pm in Durham, NC. They're amazing seats, right in the orchestra pit. I'm so upset at not going, I've loved Scott, PFT, Lauren and Neil forever and was really looking forward to a good, fun night. They were a fun, wonderful splurge at the time, but I realize now I can't afford to be away from mom, and I need to find a way to get some of that money back. So please, if anyone wants to haggle with me, I really need to sell these tix. I bought them for $150 each, but like I said I need to get rid of them pronto. Katie