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  1. Ashhole

    Who better, sean or hayes?

    Yes Dwayne, I read that post. But I really want to know personal preference and maybe stir things up a bit. Sean and Hayes will stay on the island together, but who do u like better?
  2. Ashhole

    Who better, sean or hayes?

    Beeface, That's actually eh wrong, and this is a really genuine question for my fellow handbook heads whom I respect.
  3. Ashhole

    Who better, sean or hayes?

    Henry, The idea scares me too. But we don't brave it, WHO WILL??
  4. Ashhole

    Who better, sean or hayes?

    Eskimoman, Compelling argument! A bit too concise for my taste, could you elaborate?
  5. Ashhole

    I'm a brand new here at HH forums.

    I'm new too , but I am a die-hard Handbook Head. Hi everybody! Seeking mutual understanding of humor.
  6. I like Sean better. Who do you like better?