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    Episode 85: BOOGIE NIGHTS vs TWBB

    My vote is for Boogie Nights. The Julianne Moore scene tips the scale for me. I saw TWBB for the first time this week, and I think Paul Dano was a false priest. I think he just wanted fame. Because, 1) In the scene where he asks Plainview about him blessing the Oil rig, he specifically says "say my name" and "you can say my name, and then..." 2) In the scene where he is helping that old lady with arthritis, he say specifically that the voice he heard "was a whisper". He starts with a whisper, but then starts doing his theatrics by screaming at the ghost. 3) The "I've abandoned my child!" scene and the "I am a false prophet.." scenes are, I think parallels to each other, where Plainview (and I agree with Devin here) Loved H.W, and was speaking the truth. He did abandon his child, and Eli was also saying the truth, both of them were confronting the bitter truth. Also, the name of the village girl was Mary, and just after Plainview is baptized, She hugs him from behind. It was almost like a "its going to be okay.." kind of hug. Sidenote:- Sunny Leone is big in Bollywood lately.
  2. SreemahiKandala

    Suggestion:- THE RAID vs THE RAID 2

    The best action scenes in any movie ever. Best thing is, they do not compromise on the story and characters in exchange for the action. I believe that Gareth Evans is the no. 1 best action director working right now. It really doesn't have to be a versus. I just want one or both of these in THE CANON.