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    Did Herbert West kill the Cat?

    West seems exactly like the kind of person who would think so little of a pet cat that killing it for science wouldn't bother him in the least.
  2. BenWyattWingfoot

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    It's going to be a hard no for me. I think Amy nailed it with her arguments about Evil Dead 2 already representing the comedic horror gore fest and that adding ReAnimator before something truly excellent like The Fly just because it's 'fun' and nostalgic is a disservice to this arbitrary list of movies. Sorry Devin, but 'it's fun' and 'I like it' aren't good enough arguments to put ReAnimator into the canon. Also, choosing ReAnimator partially because it would ensure more listeners smacks of bolstering your ranks by pandering to the horror gore dude fans. So far so good with the voting but here's hoping the people see the light and vote No for ReAnimator.