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    Episode 155 - Airborne: LIVE!

    this is one of my favorite movies as a kid and it makes perfect sense and everything they said is wrong.
  2. turdlyfurthington

    Episode 140 - Sharon Horgan, Our Close Friend

    I know it was a joke that the Seinfeld references would be too heavy at the beginning, but they really were too deep for me and threw me out of the rest of the episode and I had to take a break to read seinfeldpedia, the Seinfeld wiki that anyone can edit and I lost my place.
  3. Most scientific progress in the early stages of scientific medicine was of "eastern" origin. We still commonly refer to stuff found in Arab and Perisan empires to this day and Ibn Sina's The Canon of Medicine was still taught in the 18th century (haven been written in 1025). On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine is one of the most dangerous and destructive forms of medicine in the world and is directly responsible for destruction of endangered species.
  4. turdlyfurthington

    Episode 135 - Jon Daly, Our Close Friend

    Why weren't they pronouncing the h in herbs? Is this some sort of joke I'm missing?
  5. turdlyfurthington

    Episode 134 - Far East Movement, Our Favorite Band

    This episode got VERY confusing to keep track of very quickly and I would appreciate if it could be edited in which are impressions and which are really the hosts. Thank you.