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    Episode 62 - Oldboy

    Great episode. Does anyone else think that Woo Jin-Lee was completely wrong in getting revenge on Dae-su Oh? Yes, Dae-su was a bad person, and yes he had a big mouth, but he did not kill Woo's sister. Even by telling what he saw, that was a somewhat innocent thing to do. He didn't know they were brother and sister, and thus had no way to know that that information would lead to the consequences that it did. Even if he did, it was Woo and his sister that committed the wrong-doing, if anyone. The entire revenge plan was pointed in the wrong direction. Anyone agree or disagree?
  2. DeanWatts

    Suggestion: A Hard Day's Night

    I love the Beatles, though I can't see Hard Day's Night being canon-worthy. Would be interesting to hear their take on it though.
  3. DeanWatts

    Suggestion: Spider-Man 2 vs X-Men 2

    Oh, and I can't imagine X2 would even come close to Spiderman 2, but listening to the Canon makes me realize that there is much I do not know about even some of my favorite films.
  4. DeanWatts

    Suggestion: Spider-Man 2 vs X-Men 2

    I second Spiderman 2. One of the best superhero movies to date, and my personal favorite.
  5. DeanWatts


    The best werewolf movie I know of, by far. Funny, dark, amazing transformation scene. I think this would be one of the only monster submitted to the canon. I can only think of The Fly and The Thing. I second this request.
  6. DeanWatts

    Terminator 2

    James Cameron at his finest. Arguably (of course) the best action film of the 90s. Arguably the best action film ever.