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  1. killyourdarlings

    Sunset Blvd vs All About Eve?

    I'm pretty sure All About Eve is already in the Canon
  2. killyourdarlings

    Citizen Kane

    Such a great idea for a podcast. I loved this first episode. Amy and Paul have such a great dynamic.
  3. killyourdarlings

    Homework - The Philadelphia Story (1940) vs. His Girl Friday (1940)

    I'm excited for this one. I'm going to rewatch both, but I am already leaning towards The Philadelphia Story.
  4. killyourdarlings


    The announcement was uploaded in the podcast feed. I saw it on soundcloud, but it looks like its on itunes as well.
  5. killyourdarlings


    I listened to this earlier too, but was too lazy to make a post lol. The way she talked about it made me feel like Devin wasn't returning, but I guess we will find out whenever there is an official announcement.
  6. killyourdarlings


    What about a versus against the 2010 True Grit remake? .
  7. killyourdarlings

    30s/40s Screwball comedies

    I am all for this. I had a TCM phase in high school and this is when I was first introduced to His Girl Friday and The Philadelphia Story. A versus of these two would be so enjoyable. Have we even had a Cary Grant film in the Canon yet? One of his films definitely deserves to be in there. Grant, along with Hepburn and Stewart are perfect in The Philadelphia Story. Now I need to go watch this. Sidenote: High Society wasn't that bad either.
  8. killyourdarlings

    Homework: Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

    I can't wait for this episode. Breakfast at Tiffany's is one fo my favorite movies, so I'm pretty sure I'll be voting yes. However, I'm interested to see what Devin and Amy have to say. I wonder if this film will lend itself to disagreement or consensus. Outside of the problematic portrayal of Mr. Yunioshi, there is Paul's sense of ownership of Holly and I'm interested to see if our co-hosts will discuss that at all. Those two issues aside, I still find the movie canon-worthy and am super excited for next week's episode.