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    Forrest Gump

    Did I correct this correctly? Edit: I am also open to closing this thread and letting someone who knows what they are doing open the real one... I just felt complled to share my thoughts this time and got overexcited
  2. JJ95

    Forrest Gump

    Hi everyone! I find this episode fascinating in regards to the reception of the movie! Especially the apparent difference between the reaction of Americans and Non-Americans. I mean I was shocked when I first heard that people see this as a sweet, wholesome movie! It’s of course only anecdotal but most Europeans I talked to seem to think of Forrest Gump as a rather scathing deconstruction of America and the American Dream. With Forrest’s story being a parable showing that the American system is unjust and destructive and the only person who can succeed in this environment is someone who ”ignores” reality and blindly does what the system expects them to do ("following orders"), while everyone else who dares to question the dream gets punished HARD (like Jenny). Success in this movie is based on a combination of luck and a lack of critical thinking. Maybe it’s because there’s already a widespread skepticism regarding what America is and symbolizes and this movie only confirms an already existing negative bias? I don’t know… In any case a truly fascinating episode for me that makes me question how much you yourself bring to the table when looking at a piece of art...
  3. JJ95

    Best Of 2018: Blockbusters

    You are right. The couch jumping was never the problem. His thoughts on depression and suicide and the promotion of scientology - which is a horrible organization .- was what made many people fall out of love with him.
  4. JJ95

    Best Of 2018: Blockbusters

    I have seen the Oprah stuff and Cruise CLEARLY jumps onto the couch. How Amy can deny this is baffling to me. And he did tell dangerous nonsense on the Daily Show. And that a year earlier the show would have been blackmailed into not airing the truth is neither a defense nor a good thing. I lover her but all in all I feel Amy has lost a little of her distance there in defending her favorite movie star... ;-)
  5. JJ95

    Episode 150 - The Avengers (w/ Jenelle Riley)

    While Iron Man and The Dark Knight reinvigorated the superhero genre, Marvel's The Avengers is maybe the more important milestone in superhero movies. Never before we thought a team up of superheroes like in the comics was possible on the big screen. Even Marvel was skeptical; the Iron Man post credits scene with Nick Fury talking about The Avengers Initiative was merely an afterthought when they heard about Jackson being interested in appearing. It was all a big gamble. And then in came The Avengers and changed the game forever. Hell yeah, it belongs in the canon.
  6. Couldn't find the movie. Therefore, I abstained from listening and voting.
  7. So we could have gotten Juno vs Little Miss Sunshine? And instead got this pairing? OK, I guess... My vote goes to Juno. It's definitely a Pop Culture Milestone Whiplash just cannot touch!
  8. No, but a point against being able to follow the discussion and make an informed decision
  9. BTW: What happened to the restriction that the movies that are discussed need to be widely available? I mean Sign o' the Times is basically unavailable anywhere
  10. JJ95

    Homework: Juno (2007) vs Whiplash (2014)

    Hmmm? What is the connection between the two movies? I don't really think this is a useful comparison.
  11. Oh god! This has to be the worst episode of The Canon yet. Armond White was unbearable. He seemed in no way interested in having a discussion and hitting the coversational ball back and forth. Any ball Amy was hitting into his court - he just let ... drop. And I don't know if it's because Amy is a woman or if he's that way to everyone, but he was so condecending I almost quit listening halfway through. On a semi-related note: Amy should get Scott Mantz for a La La Land episode! THAT would be a fun battle to listen to and observe. He's such an outspoken fan of La La Land that would be a blast to listen him and Amy duking it out over that movie. Who's with me? ;-)
  12. I am feeling a little disappointed by Devin and Amy for basically going the clickbait entertainment route and pitting "The Thing", "ET", "Alien" and "Blade Runner" against each other for the knockout episode - and therefore I wanted to start a thread where we all can post our opinions about this decision - whether we support it or not. To elaborate on my own little opinion: I kind of get that it's difficult to get people excited for an episode like "Cannibal Holocaust" vs "Working Girl" or something like this and it is "more dramatic" this way, but to me it feels mainly like troll baiting and purposefully trying to get people angry "to create a better show" or - more cynical - to get "higher listener numbers". In the end I feel more manipulated this way than entertained which is why I won't be listening to the episode, I won't be calling in and I will abstain from voting. I think Amy and Devin have all the rights in the world to do what they want on their podcast, but that episode won't be fun for me so I will not participate in any way, shape or form. I am inviting anyone to join me in this little naive protest if they want - but in the meantime: Let's discuss! PS: I know there's typos and bad English but English isn't my first language.
  13. With the Westworld TV series having come out and the Westworld movie not being available for streaming at the moment I would suggest to just do the best Sergio Leone Western - scratch that - the best Western of all time: Once Upon A Time In The West (which is in fact available at the moment for streaming on Netflix in the US) It's a masterpiece. You can talk about it for hours. It belongs in the canon. Period.
  14. As I said before I don't know if the decision is really that easy. On Rotten Tomatoes Out of Sight edges out Jackie Brown slightly and I know many Elmore Leonard fans who greatly prefer Out of Sight. Don't get me wrong I adore Jackie Brown and it's probably the more effortless cool movie but I think Out of Sight is an amazing film as well - maybe the quintessential Soderbergh movie with the non-linear structure, the jump cuts, freeze frames and the color all contributing. It definitely put him back on the map and without Out of Sight I don't know if Clooney's career would have recovered from Batman & Robin and flops like Peacemaker. And I would even say that overall the cast is a smidge better than in Tarantino's caper. But even if you think Jackie Brown would stomp Out of Sight into the ground I would say contrasting the styles of Tarantino and Soderbergh when they are doing basically the same kind of movie with the same kind of characters could make a fascinating listen.
  15. I thought I'd give this another push even if none of those two movies is currently on Netflix in the US...