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    Suggestion: A Jackie Chan movie

    I hate most films he did in America. His Hong Kong ones are by far better, I think.
  2. JohnMato

    Homework: The Usual Suspects (1995)

    Haven't seen this in a while, but I remember the first time I watched it, I could see the twist from miles and miles away, which kinda diminished the whole movie for me.
  3. I think Becket is an easy winner to that one. I'm not denying the brilliance of The Lion Winter, but in my opinion it's not nearly as memorable both as a film and as an O'Toole performance.
  4. I believe Jackie Chan deserves at least one or two of his movies in the Canon. The most notable is Police Story, but there are some other worthy ones.
  5. JohnMato

    If... (1968)

    I love most Linsday Anderson films, but my favorite is O Lucky Man.