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  1. TimCogan

    Paul and June Prequel Episode

    It's minisode 99.5. I found it.
  2. TimCogan

    Supergirl (1984)

  3. TimCogan

    Paul and June Prequel Episode

    Thanks, Cameron. It is.
  4. It's on Netflix right now!
  5. is the prequel episode where June joined Paul behind the pay wall now? I remember it was right after Zardoz. Does anybody remember the number?
  6. TimCogan

    Episode 152.5 - Minisode 152.5

    Just watched Escape from L.A. and I have to say that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It is terrible, but I think it's intentionally terrible. I feel like they could do another one and good on the CGI laden action films of today.
  7. TimCogan

    Ghost Rider (2007)

    Absolutely! Just watched it the other day because it's on Hulu. That scene where ghost rider swings his chain around and said "yi-ha!" made me lose it.
  8. TimCogan

    Pulled episodes, HDTGM

    I would be willing to bet Green Lantern was pulled because Taika Waititi is in it and he directed and wrote for Flight of the Conchords and June guested on that show.