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    Episode 13 - Married to a Monster

    This was a really good call! I didn't think that there was anyone else out there who was like me in regards to being attracted to dark people or wounded things. I nearly fell off my chair when she started talking about getting too emotionally connected to people. I felt like she was speaking my story. Thanks Chris for these kinds of calls and letting people reveal inner truth. I have found myself many times trying to reach out to people that are hurting because I felt like I could feel their pain and I wanted to help them. I too got married in my early 20's to someone that I didn't quite understand. I was so caught up in the romance and the highs of life that I failed to be present enough to see him for who he truly was. He turned out to be bi-polar and a narcissist. I can imagine that this is true for women who tend to be extremely empathetic and trusting. I always want to see the good in people and I feel like there is good in everyone. I'm happy with my life today but it is because I have been able to see my faults in these types of emotions. I now have to think twice when I feel deeply empathetic with people (especially men) and check my emotions and look at them in a logical manner before following through.