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  1. MurphyB.Gumbs

    Episode #92: STAND BY ME

    honestly, I feel like anyone who watched this movie after the age of 14 can see that this movie for what it is: a nostalgia wank. hard no.
  2. MurphyB.Gumbs


    also, any body else notice that 90% of the people saying that there's "no meat to it" or they can't relate are men hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. MurphyB.Gumbs


    Easily one of the most important films in the formation of my personality/film tastes. I rented this VHS once a week as a kid. I have Kiki tattooed on my fucking arm. Granted, the pacing is a bit meh, and I dig that the slice of life vibe isn't for everyone, but this movie is still one of the best coming of age films out there. 10000% yes
  4. MurphyB.Gumbs

    Episode 82: THEY LIVE

    like Amy, I'm a soft no. Probably my least favourite Carpenter. Love the aesthetics, appreciate it's cultural relevance, but it just doesn't do it for me.
  5. MurphyB.Gumbs

    Rosemary's Baby vs Repulsion (or the Tennant)

    WOW THANKS BRAIN, obviously I misspell tenant in the header sweet jesus christ kill me
  6. I pitched this on the old forums (RIP Wolfpop) Doing a Polanski episode as a VS would erase the need of having more than one episode where people are mad at you for acknowledging the talent of a super problematic director. I mean, it worked for your Woody Allen episode, right? My vote is STRONGLY for Repulsion instead of the Tenant but beggars can't be choosers
  7. MurphyB.Gumbs

    Episode 81: ED WOOD

    How could you not say yes to this movie? Easily my favourite Burton movie, and quite possibly his best.... also I am pre-emptively voting FUCK NO on Edward Scissorhands. and Devin, transvestism and being transgender are two very different thingssssss don't conflate them