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  1. Impudent Lackwit


    This kinda reflects the experience I had with CLERKS. TEEN ME: "this is so spot on" LATE 20s ME: "Oh my God Randall and Dante are the worst human beings and also this movie is gross" Always kind of wanted to see BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S with a crowd just for seeing the reaction to Mickey Rooney scenes. Stunningly cringeworthy shit in an otherwise OK movie. Soft no, for many of the other reasons mentioned here.
  2. Impudent Lackwit

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    So if there's ever an episode to vote something OUT of the Canon this seems like it'll be back in the running AGAIN. Every podcast episode is just going to be voting in and kicking out RE-ANIMATOR. "Welcome to episode 1,405 of THE CANON... today we'll be discussing if we vote RE-ANIMATOR back *IN* does this preclude us from inducting other Jeffrey Combs films such as THE FRIGHTENERS, HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, and of course FEARDOTCOM."
  3. Impudent Lackwit

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    Picture the Ride of the Rohirrim, except all the soldiers are slightly chubby and wearing JAWS and HALLOWEEN T-shirts. Some of them have the same beards, though.
  4. This is a very solid proposal. LIFE OF BRIAN wins on quality and intelligence, HOLY GRAIL is a more common cultural touchpoint.
  5. Impudent Lackwit

    Did Herbert West kill the Cat?

    100% he killed the cat. Megan should have left Dan right then and there when he didn't believe her. Daniel..... the TRUE monster of RE-ANIMATOR? I'd posit a solid MAYBE.....
  6. Impudent Lackwit


    That's a fair analysis, and I am probably being dismissive about the film's thematic elements. I have lost my appetite for very masculine-centric films over the years, even ones I formerly enjoyed. And I mean woo boy, this movie is ALL MAN - the most prominent female character is basically a mother hen with one prominent scene, Jesse's wife is in the background, and Zooey Deschanel gets ONE LINE in the theatrical cut. Of course the film was infamously cut down to 160 minutes from something insane like 4 hours (though this article says that was kind of a myth - http://www.hitfix.com/in-contention/exclusive-andrew-dominik-could-give-you-his-jesse-james-directors-cut-in-half-a-day) and I believe a lot of what was cut was the post-murder aftermath of Ford's life. I'd be interested in seeing that restored.
  7. Impudent Lackwit

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    I had no idea this was going to be such a contentious vote! Has a movie ever tied before? And if so what is the process, because Amy and Devin themselves were split and cannot break a tie.
  8. Impudent Lackwit


    I loved this when I first saw it, and even managed to see it in the theater which was no easy feat. I've cooled on it substantially since. It's got good imagery and performances but it's definitely overlong and is, in the end, basically a lot of dudebro self-mythologizing. It doesn't really have a lot to SAY other than "Legends, man, amirite?"
  9. Impudent Lackwit

    Homework: Blood vs Boogie

    THERE WILL BE BLOOD is arguably the best movie of the year for one of the best years for movies EVER. It's a masterpiece. BOOGIE NIGHTS.... Honestly, I'm not sure I really "get" BOOGIE NIGHTS. It's certainly an entertaining film but I feel somewhat ambivalent toward it. Definitely will be an interesting rewatch.
  10. Impudent Lackwit

    identifying with an opposite gender lead

    To me, it largely comes down to living in a society that devalues the feminine. To continue the GAME OF THRONES example, nobody has any problem saying "FUCK YEAH BRIENNE!" but I can recall a lot of Sansa hate early in the show's run. Only as of late that she has become more brutal and hard have people been giving her the HBIC label. Girlishness, fashion, traditional femininity, makeup, clothes, liking cute boys, etc. etc. This is all treated as DUMB by society at large so why should men even BOTHER with shit like SEX IN THE CITY or GILMORE GIRLS? It's all dumb crap for girls, right? Especially in the realm of "credible" cinema this creates a nasty feedback loop where only masculine art is seen to have value, ergo only men are capable of creating real art. This is why the glass ceiling often seems hardest to break in nominally "enlightened" circles of society - a lot of the people making the decisions about what is worth people's time and attention don't even realize what they're doing.
  11. Impudent Lackwit

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    Won't be able to listen to the episode until tomorrow but voting YES based solely on the film's merits. Very few horror-comedies feel as timeless as this, and the movie's ability to blend tastelessness with a gripping, propulsive narrative and wonderful performances makes it a sheer joy to watch. Sounds like Amy had some issues with it, which I am very eager to hear. I always appreciate her fresh perspective on films that are regularly, breathlessly, and sometimes undeservedly showered with praise by cinebros. RE-ANIMATOR is still great, though.
  12. Impudent Lackwit


    This is an excellent and villainous idea.
  13. Impudent Lackwit

    favorite horror movie sequels that you know are not good

    Like, 80% of all FRIDAY THE 13th movies.
  14. Impudent Lackwit

    POLL: Is Devin a Racist?

    40% Racist and 60% Not Racist isn't a bad split, all things considered. Most folks would fare worse!
  15. Impudent Lackwit


    Soft yes for me. I was prepared to vote No but Hulk managed to win me over. This was another great episode because it's totally a movie that people can easily be on the fence about and still be "correct" if they vote yes or no. Sure, SPIRITED AWAY is probably a better movie, but even Devin would probably vote that in with minimal debate (and panty jokes). Where is the fun in that? ******** LONGER THOUGHTS: For what it's worth over the last year I have TENTATIVELY gotten back into manga and anime (American comic books as well) after swearing it all off during my late teens. I know it's easy to rag on this shit because of the sort of aggressive weeaboo weirdos that are VERY vocal online, but I've found it's like most genres out there - 80% is garbage, 10%-15% is good, and 5% is great. I'm very receptive to arguments that a lot of the stuff that seems WEIRD is culturally relative, but man, some of the shit is just WEIRD. I snagged ATTACK ON TITAN and was immediately hooked. It's a GREAT series that I think would be really appealing to anyone who is a fan of general monster/horror/fantasy stuff. Because of picking up AoT, Goodreads and other sites recommended BLACK BUTLER, a story about a young aristocrat and his demon butler. Sure, why not. The WHY NOT arrived in volume 2, which featured the young aristocrat (who is 13.... why always 13?) dressed up as a girl, trussed up with rope, and awaiting Jack the Ripper (no joke) who is presumably going to rape and murder him. I GOT THIS BOOK AT THE LIBRARY! So no, it's not an actual porno title but the imagery and themes are entirely pedophilic. At this point "cultural relativism" arguments went out the window, along with the book. So yeah, sometimes shit is just weird and people who defend ALL anime should be ignored. But I also think people shouldn't ignore the medium just because of a handful of jerks and creeps.