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    Taxi Driver

    Regarding Amy's question if Martin Scorsese and DeNiro having three collaborations on the AFI Top 100 is a bit much, I'm wondering if it's just AFI rewarding Scorsese for being such a huge supporter of AFI?
  2. JoeApel

    Ask Paul!

    I'm curious if Jason fully endorses Totino's Pizza rolls, if so I'll definitely have to buy me some (who am I kidding, I'm going to buy some anyway) Paul, do you and June have any favorite frozen snacks that you'd like to endorse?
  3. Seriously Paul... seriously... What can we do as fans to make Male-quin 3 happen? Would you guys be seriously willing to make it? I can't tell you how much I'd love for this to happen and I think many fans of HDTGM would agree with me I did a quick mock-up of what I think the poster would look like So again... seriously, what can we do to make this happen?
  4. JoeApel

    Episode 139 - Simply Irresistible

    According to IMDB, the original title was Vanilla FOG not Vanilla Frog as Paul said in the podcast... STILL, this makes no sense whatsoever! Also, I'm surprised you guys didn't talk about the music at all. To me it NEVER seemed to fit the moment in the scene and overall, all songs made me feel really uneasy for some reason. The songs all felt like a definite after thought and a way for the studio to figure out a way to make money off the soundtrack, when they realize the movie was such a huge turd. Strange movie...An appropriate title may have been Strange Magic, which another terrible film produced by George Lucas made 15 years later LOVE THE PODCAST!!!!!
  5. JoeApel

    Ed (1996)

    I've been dying for Paul, Jason and June to give us the lowdown on this movie. Matt LeBlanc and a man in a chimp suit playing professional baseball... seriously, HDTGM?