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  1. Perd Hapless

    Ask Paul!

    Paul, why does everyone go "apeshit" (pun intended) over the ending of the original "Planet of the Apes"? Of course he was on Earth the whole time! THE FREAKING APE PEOPLE SPEAK ENGLISH!!! Taylor (Charlton Heston's character) is supposed to be on another planet, yet never once questions why the inhabitants of that planet, who are also another species entirely, speak his native tongue. Just something that's been bugging me all week since you mentioned why Kristy Swanson speaks and understands English in "Mannequin 2".
  2. Perd Hapless

    Volcano (1997)

    I am LITERALLY in the middle of watching this and at a complete loss for words. I cannot emphasize how much this needs to be an HDTGM episode. I LITERALLY have no idea what to make of this movie and what I can figure out is less than nonsensical. I LOVE Tommy Lee Jones in "Lonesome Dove." This insane waste of celluloid?..... Not so much.
  3. Perd Hapless

    Chopping Mall (1986)

    Holy crap... my wife and I watched this a couple of nights ago. It was a rough week and we wanted a bad movie night. About halfway through it, we looked at each other and said at the same time "They HAVE to do this one!"