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  1. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Airborne (1993)

    I'm so excited! I watched this so much as a kid. I knew it sucked then, but I loved how despite all the corny bull that fills this 1st two acts, it ended on a pretty cool race. It's just so odd, and the lead is such a douche. Can't wait!
  2. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    I'm following you to, Quasar. I Like lurking there as well. I just don't have a lot of time to write about or see films as much as I like these days, but I still make time to read about movies.
  3. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 152.5 - Minisode 152.5

    I've never won before. To be considered a winner among such great movie deconstructionists as yourseves is quite an honor. Seriously. It is a highlight on the last day of 2016 for me. But with that said, take solace in the fact that years from now others will rightfully view fister's comment as the "raging bull" masterpiece that it is vs my "ordinary people" of a theory.... My "crash" of a theory..."Argo"? Argo fuck yourselves.
  4. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    So, first of all, Michael doesn't sing until the 55 minute mark of this 2 hour musical, and he's the freakin male lead! Later on, when he does get his first solo, most of it's in his head until end of the damn song. It bothered the hell outta me. Cameron H and WithApologiesToJune touched on this but, what's the deal with Michael anyway? He either lives in or hangs out inside a bomb shelter with a gun, it's hard to tell which cause we never really see his home life. We're only told he's Sandy's cousin, but we never see proof (oddly he's English, not Australian). If someone else owns the shelter we never see them. He has to read books on how to socialize with others. He constantly watches everyone from afar like a creep. He's obsessively stocking Stephanie, and goes so far as to create another personality to impress her. He even tricks Stephanie at one point into thinking her new boyfriend is dead. His only real friend is Frenchie, and strangely enough she disappears half way through the film. Sociopath, no doubt, but I'll take it further and suggest Michael is a straight up serial killer! After watching the episode of Bandstand that Danny and Sandy were on in the first film, "Michael" (under a different name) begins to crave the teenage experience he was denied and escapes from the mental institution he's spent his whole childhood within. It takes years tracking down the school and learning about the students he saw on TV before "Michael" finds a bomb shelter close to Rydell High, killing the old man who owns it and taking up residence. Discovering the real Michael, Sandy's cousin, would be attending Rydell he kills him too, stealing the identity and befriending Frenchie. It seems like everything is going swimmingly for the new "Michael" until he meets Stephanie, his "Sandy", and begins an obsession that leads to the creation of a split personality, the "Cool Rider". A physical embodiment of Stephanie's fantasies whose birth, romance, and death is actually an elaborate mind game created by "Michael" to drive Stephanie just as insane as him, and eventually into his arms. He also tutors her in English as "Michael", but only so he can belittle and erode her confidence away by correcting her grammar all the time. Frenchie helps him change his personality to get Stephanie, like the first movie, but when she discovers his evil plans he turns into the "Cool Rider" and kills her. With nobody left to stop "Michael", he succeeds in breaking Stephanie's psyche at the talent show, where she performs a duet on stage alone to everyone's confusion, and finally takes advantage of her emotional dependency at the luau. Making her the one thing she was trying not to be; somebody's girl. After defeating the rival gang, metaphorically castrating the T-Birds, and unmasking himself as the "Cool Rider", "Michael" becomes the defacto leader of the gang. Completing his transformation into his own twisted version of the man he saw on TV all those years ago. P.S. - there's tons of technical, filmmaking decisions that annoyed me, but for a first time director with no script and the pressure of a sequel over her head, I don't want to get into that stuff. Also, this might be one of the best movies where you can just sit and watch the extras for entertainment, especially during Michael's mental solo. The little stories in the background of every scene are amazing.
  5. Thanks! I also went thru a long stint watching GG. I love conversational pyrotechnics and musical dialogue, the way words sound is just as important to me as what they say. It allowed me to forgive many of my favorite writer's faults when they got me through so many times in my life with just a little snappy banter. And for awhile it allowed me to forgive the selfishness of the titular Gilmore girls, all the way up until it didn't. Mostly because Rory's story just kept getting annoying to watch and I wasn't even invested in the character. I haven't watched the new series but courosity has lead me to spoilers. And as much as that dialogue is calling me back, I know enough to know that I have seen enough.
  6. Hey, duuuuuuuudes! Due to real life sticking it to me I've been gone for some time, but I'm back and boy do I have some thoughts on this movie. You see, unlike most of the podcast listeners I actually got a hold of the director's cut of LAWNMOWER MAN and boy was it a doozy. The cut is a full 40 mins longer, and though the episode touched on some of it's craziness (the Cyboman clip at the beginning), my favorite cut scenes from the film actually explain what happens to Jerry's wife, Caroline! Seriously! Seriously though, I am not fucking kidding about this. First, midway through the film, when Jobe starts to read minds, it freaks him out and he looks for the doctor. He goes to his house and meets Caroline, asking if she's seen her husband. Her only reply is, "That asshole is probably jerking off with his computer". It's awesome. But my favorite part!... Towards the end of the film, when things are getting really screwed up, Larry goes home to his wife and asks if she's seen Jobe, but she won't respond. He quickly goes to the basement (I'm not sure if some version of this is in the theatrical cut, but obviously the full scene didn't make it or they'da mentioned it's insanity!) and finds Jobe at his set up. Jobe tries to convert the doctor to his new way of thinking. He tells Larry he can give him anything, then we see Caroline walk down the basement stairs. She's in full on Stepford wives mode; apron, cookies, the whole nine yards. Jobe has taken control over her mind(!!) and turned her into his servant, implying that he can force her to be the loving wife Larry always wanted. The docter tries to snap her out of it, to no avail. Jobe sends her back up to the kitchen where we see her pull a gun from a drawer(!!!). Jobe and Larry talk some more before it dawns on Jobe the doctor's called the company to come and get him. A group of henchmen pull up in an SUV and walk up to the house, guns in tow. But Jobe's not worried, simply saying, "Now you will witness the impossible"... He then makes Caroline step outside the front door and shoot at the henchmen! She straight up murders one of them before the other two riddle her with bullets!! That's right. Caroline actually sticks around in the film, only to be forced to commit Suicide-by-Firefight! It's ruthless. There's a bunch more, but considering all the wife talk in the ep, I thought this would be a pretty good piece of info to saunter back into this forum with. Glad to be back!
  7. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 140.5 - Minisode 140.5

    For a sec I thought they had already done SHOWGIRLS, then my jaw dropped when realized otherwise! Now, I'm just so happy they waited to do SHOWGIRLS till the podcast was so much more mature, so they can be properly and professionally immature about it. I'm excited to hear the gang's thoughts on Baldwin's performance in THE SHADOW, and of course, what has got to be one of my favorite morning exchanges I've ever witnessed on film.
  8. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 140 - Mannequin Two: On the Move (w/ Steve Agee)

    Real life counterparts or mannequin versions? Honestly, I don't know what I'm attracted to anymore after thinking about this stuff all day.
  9. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 140 - Mannequin Two: On the Move (w/ Steve Agee)

    This was one of the best episodes ever! It not only cemented just how insane this movie was, but it's also amazing when the gang go bananas. I love how a detour from a discussion about "the crab men" turned into a downward spiral of utter silliness. Oh, as for my vote, no she does not have genitalia as a mannequin. Or else, sadly, I'm sure her fragile wooden body never would have lasted 1000 years in the place!
  10. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 140 - Mannequin Two: On the Move (w/ Steve Agee)

    Haven't heard the ep yet, but here are my notes from watching the film. I apologize for the length... Mannequin 2 NOTES -------------------- -Wow. It just starts right away, now doesn't it. -I love Kristy Swanson. Period. -Oh. That evil wizard sure is.... Fethish-y. -What an asshole! The Prince just snatches the neckless and claims it as his own gift, and has the audacity to declare it a "symbol of THEIR eternal love"? That's about as gross as whatever the hell is growing on that evil wizard's upper lip. -Now THAT'S an evil laugh, ladies and gentlemen! -Wait a sec, if a Mannequin that old and that pristine and so important later in the film was actually a national treasure, you wouldn't have only a velvet rope guarding it so any old creepy looking, touchy-feely great, great, great, great, great, grrreat, great, GREAT grandson could come in and rub his body all over it, right? Unless he owns the museum, than the whole thing becomes even more creepy. Has his descendants just been grinding their nether regions against this mannequin for a thousand years? Passing it down from one disgustingly haired generation to the next? -the title credits song felt like an old 80's tv show theme, and a serendipitous call back to the previous minisode discussion. "Mannequin 2! Filmed in front of a live studio audience," I earnestly liked it a lot. -Not only is he a shitty driver, who parks he car in front of a hydrant like a little shit, but he has the nerve to hide it and endanger everyone on the block?! This is our protagonist?! What a piece of SHIT! Wait...Did that old lady just get all up in his bizzznis?! What a BITCH! -Sooo, Mr. James and his 2 lackies all bang each other "Secretary" style after hours, right?... Right? -I have nothing funny to say about Meshach Taylor's intro, he actually kinda kills it. I really liked the zoom in on his number. The scissor glasses had me nervous tho. Oh, and he's also totally sleeping with Mr. James too. This movie is getting me all catty! -I admire Gail for throwing herself out there so confidently and asking Jason out, she seemed so vulnerable and human in that moment, but then... was... Was Jason about to suggest they just go ahead and bang before he was interrupted by Hollywood? "I'm looking for true love, or, you know, we could just fuck right here, malady." -If we are to assume the first time Jessie has woken up from this spell since it happened, then would she really be so calm when the 1st thing she experienced was being completely underwater? True love in front my face or not, I'm freaking out! -the way Jessie was digging his dabbing of her neck area after he fished her out of the water, you'd think her g spot was on her collarbone! Either that or he's sporting wood against a wooden mannequin, and then he lifts the necklace and she's all "Hellooooooo". This theory has holes though, with the cold water and wet clothes you'd think there be some shrinkage... Damn it, guys! Where is her g spot?! Is it also like the title, "on the move"? -These three foreign guys have to strip and b-boy dance in the street for a ride, hoping some horny women might be driving by? I'm so glad I live in the time of lyft and uber. - I SUPER appreciate when horny ladies are represented on screen as normally as horny dudes. You get it garbage truck girls! Actually, come to think, this movie is filled with sexually confident women. Right on. But, when they reach the store the bodybuilding henchmen get out of the garbage end of the truck... so those women never talked to or got the numbers of any of those guys. Step up your game, gals! How many opportunities like that just fall into your lap?! -If a guy crushing on you offers to pay for your car insurance and when you question the romantic intentions behind it, he says... "Say that after a major injury or accident." That person is going to kill you. -tho I commend Jason's honesty... If Kristy Swanson magically appears in a night gown, calls you a Prince and says she "loves you more than anyone's going to in your whole life" and wants to runaway with you and get married, you RUNAWAY WITH KRISTY SWANSON AND GET MARRIED!!! If you're crazy and it's all in your head, GOOD! Your life sucks and you know it. -It took me awhile but I figured it out, Jason is a bobo romantic comedy Mathew Perry (Fools Fush In, Three To Tango, the one with Elisabeth Hurley, you get the picture) just without the rapid fire quips and perfect comedic timing. -MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY MOLE HAIR!! GOD! WHY A SINGLE FUCKING MOOOOOLE HAIR?! Fuck you, Mannequin 2. Not cool. -Those "crab dudes" probably have horrible knee and back problems now. -Wow. Mannaquin 2, miles ahead of the ska music scene. -Jason is such a dweeb. Dances like a moron--wait, we're gonna talk to this guy for a second, see if it's funny... Nope. No jokes here--yeah, like a fucking dweeb. No should follow him--wait, the music changed at her command... Her dance is catching on... All the different 80's cliche party goers in the 90's are getting all fancy now... Heads all over tits... Needless to say this club is weird. -Damn it! Kristy Swanson is cute as a button in this. She's kinda charming my socks off. -Don't cut to some cheap clockwise screen wipe after an emotional moment like that! They're talking about losing family, being lonely, and making a genuine connection and then, "Hey kids! Doesn't this look like a stopwatch!" I appreciate you moving it along, film, but please, show some tact! In fact, what the hell is going on with this movie's screen wipe game? -I'll admit, they are cute together, and the actor is playing Jason's better traits well, but the character's breakfast making skills, like his driving habits, are ridiculous. Why did they fill this kinda nice guy with all these horrible character choices? I just can't help but think he's is a douchebag. -Love Hollywood. Always makes an entrance, hands out dating advice with ease, and even burns the bad guy with a sweet... burn. My first real laugh I had out loud was that asshole line. Hollywood needs his own movie about him finding true love with a mannequin. -The 2nd genuine laugh, "Weeeeeeeeee have met before..." Great delivery. -Gail took the news of another girl sleeping with the new guy with all the dignity and grace of a good sport, I love her. -"Go get the girl!" , "The girl is gone again!" What's with all the G alliteration in this script? -Looks like Hollywood got an up close visit with Jessie's extended family of redwoods... I mean penises. -The 3 henchmen waiting to send the note to their boss, sending the note, and him reading it, we're all perfect examples of slapstick done right. -I haven't seen the 1st movie and understand Hollywood was carried over from it, but what I don't understand is why does he not believe Jason's claims the mannequin was alive at first, but then when his turned into one himself, and she's disappeared, why does he say "I believe you, this has happened before" (Answer might very well be in the 1st movie.) -Fashion Montage. Check. -WAIT! Hold up! He just HAD that crossbow on him while at the store?! Also, I love how the Count's plan B is just straight up murder, doesn't even give a fuck if there are witnesses! Then again, no one but Hollywood seems to care that an assignation attempt is going on anyway. The goofiness of it all is strange considering how different and terrifying and timely this scene would be if you just replaced the crossbow with a gun like it was HEAT or something. -I want a HOLLYWOOD JOINS THE MARINES movie and I want it yesterday! -The go cart escape is fun. Silly, but not egregiously so. It felt a bit short actually. -NOW you think about getting out of Dodge?! I was telling you to runaway with her like, 15 billion notes ago! -Why doesn't she scream for help downstairs? Why is so easy to put a neckless on this girl? Fight back woman! -This is most earnestly romantic montage about a man in prison missing a mannequin guarded by lock and key. *Sigh* They just don't make em like they used to. -Actual HOLLYWOOD JOINS THE MARINES! Thank you, Movie. -Jason as the English, hippy cameraman has waaaaay more charisma than just Jason. -What did Jason do to earn such respect from that cameraman? Anytime he wants the job? For the 5 seconds he carried a camera? -WHO in the WORLD was the lady in the pink dress who crosses the Count and Mr. James as the Count does that disgusting laugh? I don't mean to be rude, but she... looks... Horrifying. -Why do they keep using the same song for slow dance scenes? They really couldn't commission another historically accurate Casio keyboard composition? -Okay, stop applauding audience. Hollywood is trying sing, and it's getting weird now. -Did the editor just do a bunch of coke before cutting this stage show together? -Mannequins, Mid-Evil times, hip hop dance breaks, stunts, alien spaceships... Hollywood should do the Oscars! -Does... Does this movie have a LAUGH TRACK? -The henchman getting a hot air ballon is a perfect example of what this movie does well. -Murder is bad. But accidental murder is fitting and hilarious! -If no one REALLY believes in these legends, then why do you keep sticking these mannequins in museums? Dummy. ------------------------ Not horrible. Never boring. Kinda funny. Kinda charming. Again Apologize for the length.
  11. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 139.5 - Minisode 139.5

    I rented this a 2nd time, was stopped a 2nd time with 30mins left, now I'm back with 11 hours left on my rental, and now it says there's an error loading the content. I am not gonna rent this again, damn it. Edit: Seems my roommate screwed up the modem. Download's working, had me worried though. The whole thing was terribly humiliating to wake up and explain to him about cause the house modem is in his room.
  12. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 139.5 - Minisode 139.5

    Damn right he did!
  13. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 139.5 - Minisode 139.5

    Something like this happened to me with last week'd movie. I have s huge bag of dvd's a female friend wanted me to try and sell years ago, but no store wanted them even then, she never asked for them back, so I put the bag in storage. The moment I heard what the movie was I thought "maybe it's in their?", and after sifting through 40something movies, including the near entire series of Gilmore girls box sets (No S7 it seems) with 5 dvd's left, there was SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE. THE PHANTOM?! I'm digging this Kristy Swanson run they got going.
  14. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 139.5 - Minisode 139.5

    I don't wanna hurt the kid in you, but LEONARD PART 6 is the singular, manic, coked out vision of a sociopathic rapist. And also not that funny. I had never seen it, but viewing it now as an adult, I felt like I had watched an entire season of CRIMINAL MINDS in an hour and a half (something i'm forced to do a lot cause my roommate loves to binge that terribly dark & depressing show). I felt like Brad Pitt trying to read every one of John Does journals from SEVEN in one night. It's a downward spiral into the mind of an insane celebrity, and it's just as disturbing as you'd think knowing what we know now about Cosby. Maybe I'm thinking this way cause when I was watching I was in... a certain state of mind.... let's just say... it was a trip.
  15. Let'sAllGoToTheWindow!

    Episode 139.5 - Minisode 139.5

    I rented Mannequin 2 on iTunes and got half way through (taken notes and all), passed out and woke up to an emergency that apparently needed my attention longer enough the rental expired... Now I'm debating if I wanna spend another $4 on this heap just to see the last 45mins. And I just spent money on LEONARD PART 6 the other day, and Mannequin 2 is way better than that! O! The Dilemma! Screw it! How can I resist? You'll read this a lot from me in the episodes thread, but I love Kristy Swanson. By the way, I know this isn't the bad recommendation thread but... If Patrick Bateman ever made a comedy film, it would be LEONARD PART 6. It blew my fucking mind.