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  1. therealazizansari

    Best Teaser Freezer

    The POV movie bit (Hardcore Henry?) is by far my favorite. I throw up just thinking about it.
  2. therealazizansari

    Ep Suggest

    I'd like to see TJ Miller and Cash Levy in an ep. Also, bring Zouks back around, I'd like to see the boys steal his loyalty from Scott Anchorman.
  3. therealazizansari

    Catcher in the Rye

    I picture Cody as that Ackley kid with the toenails.
  4. therealazizansari

    Episode 140 - Sharon Horgan, Our Close Friend

    Your secret is safe with me you poor old sod. Kudos for sticking with the forums through the mass Brexit.
  5. therealazizansari

    Episode 139 - Matt Besser, Our Crossovered Friend

    This episode was GREEEEEATTTTTTT!!!!