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  1. Reading English from 200 years ago is nearly impossible and modern American English also has lots of borrowed words from other languages and words with Latin roots. The term Jester would not have existed in her time nor would conjunctions. I was going to go into a whole thing about this but then I remembered that Jason made orange juice in the microwave and used a strainer to make eggs. I have a feeling the writers didn't really give a shit about realism or continuity.
  2. That is even MORE ironic as that phrase would not have been used in that context until the plague which would have been about 400 years after she was frozen.
  3. Why has no one addressed the mannequins perfect understanding and speaking of modern american english though she was supposed to be German. I think it would have been funny for her to come alive confused and screaming in german, but maybe thats just me. And the lack of accents in the first scene. Also that the guard that gets stabbed in the foot has on what looks like rubber boots. Another issue I had was how in the dance scene the female dancers morphed into completely different outfits and hairstyles. Lastly, they do make mannequins that are anatomically correct, but why would that matter? In the movie someone points to the fact that she is hollow and knocks on her.
  4. PenniPiper

    Episode 139 - Simply Irresistible

    This was the first movie I purposely tried to watch before the episode. I could not make it through this movie. and I even had it on while i was in the bath so i would have a hard time turning it off. ugh just UGH. Also Hello *waves*.