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    Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

    oooo ooooo im avin a mantra
  2. ZakCuerden

    The Full Monty (1997)

    I am english, and as someone who grew up watching american cinema The Full Monty was something i could truly relate to seeing people who sounded like me on the screen (i dont talk like james bond and neither do most of the UK). it is charming, beautiful written and beyond everything else, it is funny. the story of two recently out of work (thanks Thatcher) yorkshire men trying to earn some money by putting on a strip show in the local pub. the movie is progressive and is a fantastic exploration of male insecurities without deconstructing it. please give this a watch, you will not regret it.
  3. ZakCuerden

    Homework: Kiki's Delivery Service (1989)

    i just finished the Picture. i did like it, i liked it a lot. however i am not sure about this qualifying for the canon. i have seen many better animes that would be a better representation of the style, genre and culture. i am very intrested to hear the arguments for this as i am not sure why spirited away or princess mononoke has not been nominated before this. i am not a fan of the argument 'this is not as good as this so therefore it is not canon' and that is not what i am saying. i just think this was a fine movie, a good movie, even a great movie, but a canon movie? im not sure.