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    Episode 115 - Shantira Jackson

    Writer and performer Shantira Jackson joins Matt and Dave to talk about Airplane Repo, newscasting in Florida, best bits from A Black Lady Sketch Show, and Shantira’s early improv days. Plus, writing for Busy Tonight, connecting romantically over poetry, Banana Republic secret tricks, and being a good bunny stepmom.
  2. DaltonMaltz

    Episode 69 - Sodden with Booze

    Arabella and her father keep Jude drunk for days at a party with his old drinking companions. Soon it becomes clear that this conniving pair have a hidden agenda.
  3. DaltonMaltz

    Episode 170 - Political Theater

    Marcia Belsky and Catie Lazarus join Negin to dissect the Democratic debates, check in on impeachment, and discuss the merit of a recent study about the search for a “gay” gene.
  4. This week, Bryan talks about the 14-hour press conference given by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in the wake of the Trump impeachment proceedings. Then, Erin discusses the return of generational wealth disparity for women and how systems designed to help women are actually benefiting men. Plus, author Joel Stein drops by to talk about writing and researching for his new book, In Defense of Elitism: Why I’m Better Than You and You’re Better Than Someone Who Didn’t Buy This Book.
  5. Writer, comedian, and actress Tina Fey feels good about being Conan O’Brien’s friend; it tracks. Tina and Conan sit down to discuss SNL-induced OCD, bringing Mean Girls to Broadway, husband Jeff Richmond’s mysterious recurring Conan role, getting over the “chipple,” and improvising like a writer. Plus, Conan responds to a voicemail about which president he’d like to eat. Got a question for Conan? Call our voicemail: (323) 451-2821.
  6. Actor, activist, and author Diane Guerrero joins Jonathan to blow his mind and open our eyes to something many Americans have experienced but isn’t talked about enough. Diane is an outspoken advocate for commonsense, comprehensive immigration reform and has worked with Immigrant Legal Resource Center and Mi Familia Vota, a nonpartisan Latino civic engagement organization to promote citizenship and voter registration. Follow Diane online: Twitter: @dianeguerrero__ Instagram: @dianexguerrero Facebook: DianeGuerreroOfficial/ Website: http://www.inthecountrywelove.com/
  7. The Boys welcome MIKAL CRONIN back to replace their expired songs.
  8. Musician JD Samson sits down with Cameron to discuss teaching at NYU, facial hair, and the beginnings of Le Tigre.
  9. Comedian Chill Trill Bill Kottkamp makes a grand return to Who Charted! Bill joins Howard, Stard, and Hugo in counting down the Music Chart all while busting out his best relationship rhymes and vaudeville jokes. Later, we’ll hear about TikTok strategies and where all the diners went during the Movie Chart, and comedian Max Beasley joins for another selection of Hot Picks. Plus, a special announcement.
  10. DaltonMaltz

    Episode 114 - Dano Cerny

    MTV Music Video Award nominated music video director (and Matt’s ex!) Dano Cerny joins Dave and Matt to talk about working with The Chainsmokers, Halsey, Sia and more, his evolution as a filmmaker, and the music videos that inspired him. Also, growing up a child actor, tales from the VMA red carpet, and Dano’s love-hate relationship with his boyfriend’s cat. Plus, Dano and Matt recount their romantic past in a Homophilia first!
  11. DaltonMaltz

    Episode 68 - Ashes to Ashes

    From the Jack-Jack Memorial Reading Throne, Michael is almost finished with the book. Jude allows Arabella to get him drunk and take him back to her father’s house where he invites her to “burn” him.
  12. Negin is joined by John Hodgman and Selena Coppock to discuss the arrest of two Giuliani associates, what happened between the NBA, South Park and the Chinese government, and a recent (disappointing) study on cross-racial and cross cultural engagement numbers.
  13. Legendary television host David Letterman has endless admiration for Conan O’Brien. David joins Conan to kick off season two with a conversation about David’s unmatchable career in late night, interactions with Johnny Carson and Bob Hope, what they see for their kids in the future, and why the best people in showbiz are always the hardest working. Plus, Conan gives an update on the horse David gifted to him, and Conan’s assistant Sona and producer Matt Gourley join in for another round of Review the Reviewers.
  14. Erin returns from Greece to share her experiences abroad! She discusses decorated track star Allyson Felix, who not only set the record for most gold medals shortly after having a baby, but who also publicized the duplicity of former sponsor Nike’s “support” for female athletes while simultaneously denying them maternity leave. Then, Bryan talks about the Supreme Court’s current consideration of whether the Civil Rights Act protects LGBTQ workers, highlighting two specific cases in which people have had their lives upended after being fired over their sexuality.
  15. Pete Hulne and Tim Meadows join Matt Besser for a special improv3humans! Pete, Tim and Matt perform an extended set tracing the misadventures of a renowned bartender through high-level mixology class, glory hole bars, a high school reunion, and the aftermath of a terrible fire.
  16. Stand-up comedian and actor Bob Newhart feels anxious about being Conan O’Brien’s friend. Bob sits down with Conan to share stories about meeting Don Rickles for the first time, sitting in for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, leaping from accounting to showbusiness, beautiful moments from The Bob Newhart Show, the danger of cynicism in comedy, and Chicago values. Plus, Conan responds to a listener voicemail about an award that was named after him. Original airdate: May 26, 2019.
  17. Tara Foley is the founder of Follain, the first retailer to sell clean beauty exclusively. Tara sits down with Jonathan to discuss the power of taking care of their bodies with non-toxic products, outdated regulations on cosmetics and what “clean beauty” really means. Follow Tara and Follain on social media: Instagram: @tcofoley & @follain Twitter: @tcofoley & @follain Facebook: @shopfollain Website: https://follain.com For more music from Quiñ head to TheQuinCat.com. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN. Also Twitter and Facebook. Catch Jonathan on Queer Eye streaming now on Netflix.
  18. LACI MOSLEY (host of Scam Goddess) helps The Boys with their own scams.
  19. Entepreneur Leanne Pittsford sits down with Cameron to discuss founding and running Lesbians Who Tech.
  20. DaltonMaltz

    Episode 67 - Every Period Is Unsettled

    Michael takes a break from reading to share his difficult week with listeners in an episode of reflection.
  21. DaltonMaltz

    Episode 113 - Travis Coles

    Actor and comedian Travis Coles (David Makes Man) joins Matt and Dave to chat about watching every episode of Riverdale, top musicals, and all things Jurassic Park. Then, they get into the latest Willow album, Travis’s Spotify search history, and EVERYTHING about their experiences working with Oprah. Plus, Catholic school guilt, looking for a way to feel seen, and coming out (accidentally).
  22. Matt Gourley and Vicky Kuperman join Negin to talk about the impeachment inquiry's odds of success, the ethics of brain-reading technology, and Facebook's new dating app.
  23. Fave of the show and of the whole world, comedian Naomi Ekperigin joins Bryan as guest co-host on this week’s Throwing Shade! Naomi talks about faking her way through editing art magazines, getting a fabulous haircut from the lovely Jonathan Van Ness, and seeking a dog that gets along with her cats. Then, they’ll discuss an incident in which a teacher was fired from a Catholic high school for their same-sex marriage and the Justice Department’s “statement of interest” in the case. Later, they’ll investigate a gender disparity in reported cases of IBS and other effects of the social stigma toward women performing the human body’s most natural and hilarious act. Warning: poop talk!
  24. Matt Besser is joined by legendary Vietnam veteran John Rambo (Kenny Stevenson) to answer listener questions about personal hygiene, throat ripping, celebrity crushes, Halloween costume plans, politics, intermittent fasting, and much more. Plus, Matt throws out danger scenarios for Rambo to expertly assess.
  25. Is There An Insulin Crisis Happening in the U.S.? with Elizabeth Pfiester, Founder and Executive Director of T1International Elizabeth Pfiester is the founder and director of T1International, a non-profit run by people with and impacted by type 1 diabetes that does not take funding from the pharmaceutical industry. Elizabeth discusses what it’s like living with the disorder, her work fighting to put an end to the current crisis surrounding insulin prices, and why where you were born should not determine whether you live or die with diabetes. Follow T1International on social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/t1international Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/t1international/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/t1international