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    Upcoming Episodes

    So is All About Eve first or is Double Indemnity? They seemed to be flip-flopped in the last two posts. I'm assuming it's Double Indemnity after King Kong but just making sure
  2. SamuelSanchez

    Film Struck

    I've had FilmStruck basically since its inception and love it. They've recently started incorporated a lot more classic TCM stuff which is great as it was far more Criterion-heavy for a long time since it's starting to balance out. I hope they continue to expand. I would love to see A LOT more Hong Kong action films in there as that an area in film that is hard to find stuff in good quality, even for those willing to buy blu-rays. They have City on Fire and some Johnnie To stuff but that's about it. Also, they have a decent amount of Czech New Wave stuff but also an area they can improve on. But simply speaking, if you're looking for AFI Top 100 stuff, there's plenty of that there as well.
  3. SamuelSanchez

    Homework - Putney Swope (1969)

    It's also on Filmstruck for any Filmstruck subscribers.
  4. SamuelSanchez

    Episode 103 - Where the Sidewalk Ends (w/ Pat Healy)

    I'm also a soft yes. Over the last few years, I've seen probably a couple hundred film noir now, and while I'll agree, it's not one of the absolute best, it's definitely up there if I were to make a list of my favorites. It just depends on how strict I'd want to be with what gets into the canon. Pat Healy asked if there's an earlier film about a cop beating people and it being an issue, and immediately thought of On Dangerous Ground, but that was 1951, one year after Where the Sidewalk Ends. So it could be the first.
  5. SamuelSanchez

    Homework: Shakespeare in Love (1998)

    That seems odd .La La Land was one of his favorite movies from last year. He rated it a 4.5/5 on Letterboxd. He's on team La La Land, so I'd think he'd defend it against Amy instead of bash.
  6. SamuelSanchez

    Unofficial Best of 2016

    Not sure which specifically I would nominate for a "canon" type list, but I've enjoyed a few movies this year: Arrival Moonlight Nocturnal Animals Elle The Edge of Seventeen Hell or High Water Green Room The Nice Guys Still plenty I need to catch up on as well.
  7. SamuelSanchez

    Edgar Wright

    Add me to the Hot Fuzz is better than Shaun of the Dead camp, but it's definitely a tough choice. I would rank them: 1. Hot Fuzz 2. Shaun of the Dead 3. The World's End (only seen it once though, I feel it could only get better with re-watch like his others) 4. Scott Pilgrim Hot Fuzz is one of many reasons I felt 2007 was an extremely strong year for film.
  8. SamuelSanchez

    Letterboxd Links

    Yeah, I've become pretty much obsessed with Letterboxd since hearing about it on another podcast (Film Junk) about 4+ years ago and the obsession really hasn't waned much at all since. It's a great site to create your own little private watchlists or just get random recommendations from friends. Also, a decent amount of podcasters and/or critics are on there as well like Adam & Josh from Filmspotting, David Ehrlich, Matt Singer, Scott Tobias, Tasha Robinson plus about a dozen other people from lesser known podcasts I listen to. It's nice to add a few others to my follow list now.
  9. SamuelSanchez

    Future of the Show?

    Yeah, I can't really understand what he would have against outside of some tweets he has regarding getting annoyed about seeing Letterboxd reviews on his Twitter. Either way, been on Letterboxd for about 4 years now: http://letterboxd.com/samsanch3z/
  10. SamuelSanchez

    Knock-Out Suggestions

    Working Girl vs Chi-Raq would be my vote off the top of my head.
  11. SamuelSanchez

    Similar film podcasts?

    Not very similar at all, but it's overall my favorite film related podcast which is the Film Junk podcast. It's hard to know who to recommend it to because the overall film knowledge can be topped by other podcasts like Filmspotting, Projection Booth, etc... and to new listeners, it may sound like the members of the podcast almost don't even want to be there, as at times are very monotone, but over time it became the show I most looked forward to every week. The show regularly is 2-3 hours long, so definitely on the long side, covers one new film each week, also has a "What We Watched" segment similar to Slash Filmcast which is probably it's closest comparison in show structure, though unlike Slash Film, it generally consists of films rather than just the TV show they watched that week. The show is coming close to episode 600 soon, so it puts in Filmspotting territory as longest running film podcasts go. I believe it actually predates Filmspotting as longevity goes though has fallen behind on episode count overtime due to having the luxury of being on the radio and simply being replaced by co-hosts when a week needs to be taken off. It's a very funny podcast once you get to know the members, and member Jay Cheel is a documentary filmmaker who directed How To Build a Time Machine which seems to be getting some film festival traction. Also, Matt Gourley appears to be a fan of the show as he's guested on it a few times and Jay Cheel has actually appeared a couple of times on I Was There Too on one of the post-interview segments. Finding Matt Gourley through Film Junk and then by extension finding The Canon through I Was There Too is kind of the journey that brought me here actually.
  12. SamuelSanchez

    Hitchcock Versus ideas

    Strangers on a Train v. The Lady Vanishes (Hitchcock Train Versus)
  13. SamuelSanchez

    Similar film podcasts?

    Would second some already mentioned like Filmspotting, Next Picture Show, Cinephiliacs, Projection Booth, etc.. It's currently on hiatus, but I would toss out there Frances Farmer Show (formerly George Sanders Show). Two films are selected to discuss, sometimes connected, sometimes just what's playing locally. Recent episodes had pairings of Johnnie To's Three with Samuel Fuller's Shock Corridor, and Seijun Suzuki's Youth of the Beast with Takeshi Kitano's Sonatine.