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  1. Though again do not appreciate the language
  2. Jeffery that was NOT a slam I truly meant a different, prominent member. I even liked the bit!
  3. Though experiment - how would the forum react to the same bit rebooted by a prominent poster?
  4. To add a squeeze of lemon - Elliott Smith was 34 when he passed. For the record, I am enjoying the bit. Reminds me of a bit on the We Don't Need Hayes Show with Jeff Dunham. Though, I do not care for the language and find it uncharacteristic for the thirties. Better suited for the foul mouth teens.
  5. Also this was a great ep but I haven't yet finished. As a result I'm experiencing what I have described to all my coworkers as an unpleasant mix of jet lag and tennis elbow. About 60/40. This was all set into motion last night when I fell asleep watching Sky Line, the space elevator documentary, on my phone. When I woke the phone had low-ish battery (35%), but I assumed I could stream the ep in the car and plug in when I got to work. However, there was a big traffic jam on RT3 west, which had me checking in with Google Maps periodically to survey my ETA. This drained the remainer of my battery.
  6. FYI, any "jokes" regarding Hayes' high-knee will be flagged as vulgar.
  7. I couldn't listen to today's episode on the car ride to work this morning like usual - a few weeks ago Andy hit my podcast app with his Vespa, and I believe this has led to complications with the auto downloads Now that the ep is secured on my phone, I'll need to listen on the car ride home, though this isn't preferable because I tend to be grumpy after work. Right now keeping my blood sugar stable with frequent, small snacks and staying hydrated. Your body is a machine, people - give it fuel!
  8. Hi guys. Really great episode this week, especially because it felt like a holiday Monday treat, because Tuesday felt like Monday. I know it's already Thursday but this is my first post, and I only worked up the courage to post because I had a few drinks with coworkers this evening at a minor league ball game. Go Jackals!