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  1. FilmFanMan

    Episode 163 - Zodiac vs. Shaun of the Dead vs. Magnolia

    I voted Zodiac but would not be upset if SotD (leading as I write this) gets it. PTA is already represented with better films. It is close for me, but Zodiac is a very immersive experience with DF at his best and a cast that hits on all cylinders.
  2. The Exorcist in the Canon - Hell yes!
  3. FilmFanMan

    Episode 150 - The Avengers (w/ Jenelle Riley)

    Definite yes! I would only be echoing many of the "Marvel"ous pro-Avengers comments already made above. The scope and impact of the MCU on cinema should be represented in the Canon.
  4. FilmFanMan

    Episode 060: Every Gadget Ever

    Lark was indeed an actual brand of cigarettes. I recall from my childhood the commercials and the slogan "Show us your Lark" with people flashing the camera their packs of Lark cigarettes. George Carlin even mocks the ads in one of his old routines. I was wondering why the Wet Bike in TSWLM was considered a gadget and not a vehicle a la Little Nellie.
  5. FilmFanMan

    Episode 138 - Harold and Maude vs. Being There

    Ditto. I never loved either of these movies. If pressed, I like Being There more. I love both The Last Detail and Shampoo would Canon-ize the former.
  6. FilmFanMan

    Best of 2017

    Quick dark horse vote for Wonder Woman to be in the discussion. In addition to it being one of the best comic book superhero movies, it spurred on feminist empowerment discussion with a terrific character and another excellent female director.
  7. FilmFanMan

    Commentary Tracks

    Thanks, I'll have to look that one up. I guess that mention got by me. It'll be worth it.
  8. FilmFanMan

    Commentary Tracks

    A request for Matt2: Please do some commentary tracks.
  9. FilmFanMan

    Homework: The Driver (1978)

    I've only seen it once during the original theatrical release. I am not sure why I've never rewatched, but I recall liking it very much. Really looking forward to the discussion.
  10. FilmFanMan


    This is exciting news. I hope it happens.
  11. FilmFanMan

    Episode 103 - Where the Sidewalk Ends (w/ Pat Healy)

    It was a solid movie and it was nice to have a noir that I've never heard of before added to my film experience, but it isn't Canon worthy.
  12. FilmFanMan


    I like the idea of a post-game wrap-up. Just Amy giving a short take on her reaction and a little analysis of the results,
  13. I really enjoyed this ep. Like many, I think T2T should have been in the discussion. As all one story perhaps it should have been a debate of is the trilogy Canon or not. Since we have to vote between these two I went with the Fellowship. Some of my favorite moments are in Return ("I am no man!"), but the overall story from the beautiful, bucolic beginning to the journey south to the heart tearing breaking of the fellowship is better.
  14. FilmFanMan

    Homework: The Fellowship of the Ring vs. The Return of the King

    Just concurring with all the other posts regarding T2T exclusion. This would have been a great opportunity for the first Canon cage match by throwing three films into the "ring".
  15. FilmFanMan

    Homework: Juno (2007) vs Whiplash (2014)

    Whiplash was my favorite movie of 2014. I like Juno but don't love it. I agree with Threshold and am looking forward to hearing more about why these are in a cage match.