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  1. I recall seeing this movie as a kid and of course enjoying it because who doesn't love Han Solo or rather (Re:) Henry and Rob Roy starring in a movie together but fast forward 14 years and it's.... well let's just say there wasn't much I didn't like movie-wise back in 2002. The accents are all over the place and the plot is rather blech. I think this was made toward the end of the "blame Russia" and "cold war" type movies but was written in the thick of it so it's odd why they wouldn't ask for help from America, but then again why am I trying to explain away the plot, the HDTGM can just do it for me.
  2. TayshaRiggs

    Nine Lives (2016)

    The trailer alone made me jump online, make an username and suggest it on here because it looks.... horrific. I just binge watched House of Cards and I can't believe this is where Spacey ends up. Barry Sonnenfeld strikes again