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  1. DirkMcDonk

    The Baby (1973)

    Up vote this one too!
  2. DirkMcDonk

    xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017)

    Smart, preemptive post
  3. DirkMcDonk

    Karate Dog (2005)

    ..you might have been abused
  4. DirkMcDonk

    Karate Dog (2005)

    Im sure this has been mentioned, but the search function renders it impossible to know
  5. DirkMcDonk

    Requiem for a Dream (2000)

    This suggestion makes no sense
  6. DirkMcDonk

    Shoot 'em Up (2007)

    I thought so too, but the comments seemed unsure.. just asking cuz i only saw it once almost a dacade ago
  7. DirkMcDonk

    Cool World (1992)

    This is your brain on drugs.
  8. DirkMcDonk

    The Shadow (1994)

    This movie is awesome. I used to listen to the radio show as a kid.. we all know why it got made, cuz it rocks. Opium lord baldwin? Hell ya!! Reanimated telekenetic zombie khan? Of fuckin course!!! Another racist example of a white dude besting an ethnic dude at his own games? This. Movie.needed.to.be.made. why? The shadow knows...
  9. DirkMcDonk

    Showgirls (1995)

    Maybe this movie is high art genius, and we are all a bunch of kroll-ish troglodyte maggers.
  10. Remembering the nightmare that was "the peanut butter solution" also reminded me of this little gem.
  11. DirkMcDonk

    Shoot 'em Up (2007)

    How can you not mention monica in the first comment. So hot. Wasnt this movie actually conceived as a live action looney toons? Owen was supposed to be bugs and Giamatti was supposed to be elmer fudd.
  12. DirkMcDonk

    The Big Hit (1998)

    This movie is so awesomely weird. Awesome characters, including a young marky mark and a peak L Diamond P and China Chow. A very slick and stylized (not like hack snyder) directorial style at times, but add to that a weird poultry molestation scene, a neighborhood video store that terrorizes its clients that also appears to be located adjacent to a sheer rock cliff and moraine of some sort (like it popped out of the better off dead nightmare scene).The reintroduction of "screen wipes" to hollywood films. A character who is obsessed with masterbation. And a tim burton-esque portrail of suburban america. The list goes on and on.. but ultimately its tonnes of fun. This film was made in my hood, toronto... and if i recall had a hard time finding a distributor for a couple years.