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  1. MadScientist

    Episode 156 - Legends of the Fall (w/ Kendra James)

    I'm a no, but I just wanted to say that as a history buff, this episode drove me nuts. I was yelling at the both of you and my coworkers were looking at me funny.
  2. There's some kind of moral imperative to force a Cruise film into the Canon and we're not talking about Born on the Fourth of July? I'll listen in, but I'm not voting for either of those. After listening: why should anyone vote for either one of these when the whole discussion is how ridiculous each one is?
  3. MadScientist

    Episode 99 - Sign o' the Times vs. Stop Making Sense

    The board ate my post, but it was some snarking at Armond White, and a plea to consider Purple Rain for the Canon instead.
  4. MadScientist

    Homework: Sign o' the Times (1987) vs Stop Making Sense (1984)

    This is an unfairly stacked contest... two of the greatest concert films ever, but people are going to vote for the recently dead guy.
  5. MadScientist

    Episode 98 - Ghostbusters

    Personally, I think it's worth it just for the fact that the Ghostbusters movies are the only film with Murray, Ackroyd, and Ramis together, and the first one's better than the second. So glad the show's back! Looking forward to getting back into talking movies with y'all here in the forum.
  6. MadScientist

    Future of the Show?

    I'm adopting a "wait and see" stance about the show. Many of you have already articulated my feelings about what's going on, and I'm not going to just re-hash all that. I'm also recently on letterboxd and I enjoy talking movies with y'all, so: http://letterboxd.com/themadscientist/
  7. MadScientist


    This is probably the only movie where I will give a lot of weight to cultural significance; it's folly to dismiss Trek as a TV show, because that's only where it started. That said, though: there was a lot of talk about this being a great movie for non-fans and yet the non-fan had very little time to talk.
  8. MadScientist

    The Canon Drinking Game

    Drink anytime either Devin or Amy says "100 percent". This rule alone will probably fuck your shit up.
  9. MadScientist

    Beverly Hills Cop vs Lethal Weapon

    I still say Lethal Weapon vs 48 Hrs.
  10. MadScientist

    Episode 94: THE KING OF COMEDY

    I don't have the "Who lit all those candles?" problem. Masha lit them, slowly, and Jerry had to sit and watch the entire process. (Anyway, easy yes, very much agree with the above opinion drawing a straight line between this and Nightcrawler)
  11. MadScientist


    The first ten minutes of Up.
  12. MadScientist

    DBOX - Any Experience With It?

    I grew up in California, where we didn't have to pay extra for shaking seats.
  13. MadScientist

    Battle of the Bowie Bulge

    I've always thought it was a codpiece sculpted to look as though it isn't a codpiece.
  14. I think we can all agree that at least one version of Body Snatchers belongs in the Canon, but which one? The '50s B&W classic? The '70s version with the final scene everyone remembers? Abel Ferrara's dark, uncomfortable take? Or one of the two more recent ones? I started wondering what film had been remade the most, and Body Snatchers struck me as one of the most interesting options, as good cases could made for at least three of them.
  15. MadScientist

    Similar film podcasts?

    IWTT is an incredibly fun podcast.