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    Episode 96: THE BAD SEED

    VERY YES. This movie reminds me of Rambo in that it set a canonical example of a mental illness (child psychopathy instead of PTSD) before we really had the words to describe how it works and diagnose the symptoms. It's important that the killer is a cute neat little girl, that seems like they stumbled onto making a more realistic psychopathic person than Hollywood usually portrays, for once the "manipulative female" trope is uncannily accurate instead of just misogyny. This isn't one of those movies that comes to mind when you think "Great", but it still has a horrifying clarity that reminds viewers of all the manipulative kids we've known. Having an early and trend setting example of this sort of horror is essential, and Rhoda is still eerily familiar despite the agedness of the melodramatic camp.
  2. AdrianGrody69

    Episode #88: A HARD DAY'S NIGHT

    Of course yes! The Beatles are the sound of the '60s social revolution, in terms of songwriting and political ideology/social norms. This is a band that went from "She Loves You" to Tomorrow Never Knows" in almost exactly three years. This movie is great even if the songs aren't that anarchist or ambitious though. The jokes are especially classic absurdism..
  3. AdrianGrody69

    Who is your favorite Beatle?

    John is my favorite of those "free love" hippie type people. This is the man that literally wrote the song Give Peace A Chance and all the other transcendent anthems about love. Paul makes great "silly love songs" but John was the political songwriting genius.
  4. AdrianGrody69

    The Full Monty vs Magic Mike

    Which is a more essential view of male strip tease? The Full Monty has all sorts of "feminist" ideas about men deserving dignity when if they don't have jobs. Magic Mike has...gorgeous hunks and drama between bros? I need to rewatch it it seems, or maybe nothing actually happened in that movie?