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  1. Devil's Vortex: two dicks, a bed and blender. Enough said.
  2. Name of Phantom reboot where he struggles to make the choice between Phantomiming and his true passion... writing opera: Opera of the Phantom Name of sequel where he gets defeated in his old age and has to choose another Phantom from among the rope people: The Phantom: On the Ropes Sequel where the Phantom and the Shadow team up to stop a war lord who has hired a black panther-esque villain to terrorize entire villages into submission using lions: The Ghost and the Darkness. Sequel where discarded daughter ocean baby gains powers, adopts moniker of the Siren and moves to New York as a deadly good opera singer seeking revenge on the Phantom lineage: Pantom 4: Opera of the Phantom: Song of Death. How did these NOT get made!?