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    Future of the Show?

    The tough thing about a replacement host is that this show is very much keyed in the personal tastes of the hosts. Sure, any two people would have picked most of the classics and /or under-seen movies in the current Canon, but Re-animator, Cannibal Holocaust, Creed being in the best of 2015 episode? Those are Devin picks, just like how their wouldn't be Working Girl or Pennies from Heaven episodes w/o Amy as a host. Amy and a potential the new host are always going to have to deal with the specter of "Devin's Canon". They'll either have to start over, or throw out all of Devin's stuff...which would be very similar. I'm okay with whatever choice winds up getting made, although I do hope the old episodes stay available.
  2. PinkShep

    Future of the Show?

    It REALLY is. I didn't have a chance to listen to this weeks episode until after hearing about what happened, and there are several moments that really stand out in this context. I almost feel like the show has to continue because this being the last episode is going to taint the tone of the whole series (more so than an obviously necessary recontextualization of Devin's behavior should), like a inkwell giving out at the end of a sentence and creating a massive, wet and splotchy period.
  3. PinkShep

    Films Directed by Women

    Oops. Clearly I need to go through the back episodes a couple times.
  4. PinkShep

    Films Directed by Women

    Would doing another Kathrine Bigelow be the first time a filmmaker gets repeated? (EDIT NOOOOOOOOOO) I ask because she actually seems like a great place to break the seal on that, since her early career is so different from her more recent stuff but both eras have high quality, influential films to talk about, as well as the difference between someone like her growing and changing as an artist while making similar kinds of movies Vs. someone like Spielberg, who has always made a lot of different kinds movies. (Bigelow being more analogues to Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction/Jackie Brown Tarantino becoming Kill Bill/Inglorious Bastards/Dijango Unchained Tarantino...although, in reverse now that I've typed it out...) Persepolis also sounds great since Devin and Amy were just talking about how they needed more female coming of age stories, and even ignoring all of the politics surrounding it (which I don't advocate but bear with me) it's fascinating as one of the most direct film adaptations ever. It's the comic, but it moves and has sound. What other film adaptations even come close? Is it an impressive feat or a waste of the form?
  5. PinkShep

    Most Canon-worthy Episodes of The Canon?

    It's funny, I love the arguing episodes the first time I watch them but they can be difficult to return to. Evil Dead 2 and The Godfather are easier to rewatch because it's just film appreciation, although you don't get as much personality. It's as if you need to see an episode where they defend something or fight for 10 minutes straight to get a sense of Devin and Amy as critics, and then you watch the episodes where they just talk and bring up interesting things. I second Last Temptation V Passion too since they have both an interesting topic, and a whipping boy to work with.
  6. PinkShep

    Episode #89: BLAZING SADDLES

    How does this film play outside of America? I'm curious since the American construct of race is very specific, and while we're (I'm asking as an American so I don't know) such a big cultural exporter I'm not sure how people don't don't grow up as a part of it react to some of the shock jokes. Does it translate to other forms of oppression? I mean, I'm not saying it's not canon worthy if it doesn't work outside American but it would be an interesting measure of how well it communicates it's point. It's certainly builds it's world and rules enough I could see someone getting it as a mostly self contained piece.