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  1. wintersburrrg

    Episode 231 - Ego Nwodim, Our Close Friend

    Unfortunate Serious Post Bullying Cody is getting really tiring. Sean and Hayes are talented guys and could just interact with each other/the guest rather than recycling a bit so clearly detrimental to someone they seem to care about's well-being, Compared to the lightness with which they poke fun at the other engineers and Kevin, the things they say to Cody are sometimes just vicious insults with no trace of irony or awareness of their hurtfulness. I'm guessing they were right in the episode speculating why Cody went from engineering their show frequently to not engineering it at all until recently. I was relieved when Cody left what was obviously a toxic work environment (Scott never seemed to treat him well either). Kinda disappointed he's back and they kept this shit up. I love this show and enjoy Sean and Haye's writing, but as their profiles outside of Earwolf have gotten bigger they seem to have become a lot like the deserving Hollywood elitists they used to mock. Bummed out.
  2. I used to lurk around the forums here but the content is drying up. Has everyone moved to the YKS pod? Do people want paid content? Have Sean and Hayes missed the boat full of the green stuff (cash)? Did Bob Dylan finally go electric?
  3. wintersburrrg

    Episode 208 - Lou Wilson, Our Close Friend

    As the Earth descends into chaos more advanced beings are scouring the forums for the poster foretold to be humanity's last hope. Keep posting folks.
  4. wintersburrrg

    Episode 195 - Spencer Crittenden, Our Close Friend

    I am struggling to distinguish where hayes is. There seem to be two of him. He's drinking milkshake like the milkshake show but also surprised in his blue apron™ serving orange disks next to Shonk's sister Liz Lemons. Please provide insight. I've been staring at this picture for 8 hours straight. It is consuming me and fear I may lose my wife/career/familiy. Please
  5. New to the forums and excited to be joining up with the Brett pack. I hope to take on an Anthony Michael Hall type of role within the group as I'm a bit of 'whiz' who grew up reading science book and solving some of the biggest equations. Congrats to Hayes and Sean on number 150. Keep it up sweety.