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    Hey everyone

    Great to hear from you, Amy. The Canon is/was a great show and I'm glad it allowed me to discover your work. About the future of the show, I think I speak for most fans when I say please do whatever feels right to you! Including leaving The Canon in the past, if that's what you choose. If I could make a humble suggestion, what about a limited run of 3 or 4 episodes with guest co-hosts? It could either allow you to end the show on your own terms, or get a sense of what it would be like to continue.
  2. Original-User-00001

    Future of the Show?

    https://twitter.com/...037530550423552 Amy's statement did not include a promise of more episodes. I'm gonna just dial back my expectations. They may need some time, or a bigger change.
  3. Original-User-00001

    Future of the Show?

    I'm feeling bad for everyone involved. Definitely feeling bad for Amy and the rest of the people who have worked hard on The Canon.
  4. Original-User-00001

    Future of the Show?

    Well, sarcasm would be a pretty bad reaction to an accusation like that. I read Devin's response as sincere. When people say they've been assaulted, that always has to be taken seriously. Most people would not make such an accusation falsely because 1. it can easily feel very personal, revealing, even embarrassing, and 2. you're likely to get negative attention from it. As a culture we've got to handle accusations of sexual assault carefully, and not shame people who speak up. It's not only about the alleged incident, but about other people who have received abuse feeling that it's safe for them to speak up if they want to. All that said, we shouldn't 100% jump to conclusions. And we haven't heard anything from Devin other than his tweet. That's why, per P. Cheesesteak's question above, I feel it's premature and disrespectful to Devin to start tossing around names of prospective replacements. I want to add that The Canon is my favorite podcast of the past year, I enjoy it a lot and I wish the best for the people who make it.
  5. Original-User-00001

    Future of the Show?

    I'm impressed with the level of maturity on this thread overall. This post especially: At present this makes me uneasy, and I will put off listening to the new episode for now. Certainly Devin's bullying style is often a turn-off. There is a line between good-natured sparring and bullying, and Devin crosses that line on a fairly regular basis. When he does so he degrades himself and the show. If the allegations are true, I feel that any contrition would be incomplete without reflecting on and working to change those bullying tendencies. From the standpoint of a listener, I would find it even harder to overlook that behavior when it happens on the show. All this aside, I really like Devin on the show, I think he and Amy do have great chemistry and I enjoy their disagreements (when Devin is not being nasty) as well as episodes when they harmoniously agree. They're well balanced for me in that I never know which one I'll agree with. They're both insightful but often in different ways, and that's interesting. Hypothetically, if Devin left the show, I would be interested in a continuation with Amy and a different co-host.
  6. Original-User-00001

    Before Sunrise vs. Before Sunset (vs. Before Midnight?)

    Agreed, especially if all three movies could be discussed.
  7. Original-User-00001

    The Conformist

    YES ---- this is one of my favorite movies and I would love an excuse to re-watch it!