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    Bewitched (2005)

    Nicole Kidman was fantastic in this movie but somehow they made Will Farrel the main character, it really had so much potential and it was just totally wasted.
  2. bella_008

    50 Shades of Grey (2015)

    A friend of mine worked on the film and I got to read the original STJ script it was fantastic it really elevated the book made it smarter sexier and less creepy, but E L James put her foot down and vetoed almost all the changes, even to the point of the last scene where Anna leaves him Sam wanted the last word to be red her safe word assuming that the audience would be smart enough to put it together, instead EL insisted on her saying stop because its the last word in the book. Dakota Johnson was really good in the film while Jamie Dornan was a monotone robot. It would have been interesting to see how the film would've turned out if Charlie Hunnam hadn't dropped out and Sam had been allowed to do what she'd wanted.
  3. bella_008

    Monster Trucks (2017)

    Even the posters for this look terrible, seriously how the fuck did this get made.
  4. bella_008

    The Stepford Wives (2004)

    I just watched rewatched this and it's an absolute continuity nightmare.
  5. bella_008

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    I watched this movie last year and I couldn't force myself to sit through it again so soon no matter how gorgeous Kurt Russel is. I think it's worth talking about how all of John Carpenters movies that are made with anything but an absolute shoestring are terrible. Also if we're doing Carpenter films than I vote for the terrible Village of the Damned remake. I'm glad Paul addressed the paywall, I actually subscribe to Howl for the Comedy Bang Bang tours so I still have access but HDTGM is a podcast I've turned so many people onto including my techphobic parents and part of how I do that is usually by recommending specific episodes based on that persons individual tastes which is something I won't be able to do anymore.
  6. bella_008

    Best Genre For HDTGM?

    I'm not a huge fan of the weird obviously awful films, I prefer the ones where they were trying their best to make a good movie and it just didn't work out. Also just checking to see if it's just an issue with me but I went to download an old ep today and nothing before episode 140 is showing in itunes?
  7. bella_008

    Skiptrace (2016)

    If you can find it in Chinese with subtitles it works a lot better.
  8. bella_008

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

    This is probably a good time to do this The Mummy is coming out soon which is part of Universals trying to create their own shared universe of public domain monsters from what I've heard the set up for the series borrows heavily on the League of Extraordinary Gentleman.
  9. bella_008

    Episode 152.5 - Minisode 152.5

    I don't mind them I just wish Paul would let them come record with earwolf equipment so they had decent sound quality.
  10. bella_008

    Assassin's Creed (2016)

    I do love when they do new movies so I think this could be good especially with how crazy the trailer looks and the general quality of most video game adaptations, I look forward to June trying to understand this mess.
  11. bella_008

    Sextette (1978)

    This movie was on tv one day and I ended up having to watch the whole thing because it was just so insane. Timothy Dalton is amazing in this though.
  12. bella_008

    Eragon (2006)

    This movie is so fucking awful, I'd love to see them do it although I wonder with Jason's love of YA if he'd enjoy it.
  13. Hi guys sorry I missed last week I'm in rural Cambodia and we lost electricity for most of the week, I love hairspray and I'm in for either version as long as we don't have to watch the live NBC one from a month ago.
  14. bella_008

    Possible Forum Game: Musical Mondays

    It's a bonkers film but I was obsessed with it I watched it so many times that my mum "accidently" broke the dvd
  15. bella_008

    Possible Forum Game: Musical Mondays

    I'm a bit late to the party but I'm definitely in. If we're doing good movie musicals, then I'm throwing in Phantom of the Opera (I don't care what people say 13 yr old me was obsessed) and if we're doing bad musicals then Repo! The Genetic Opera which I'm shocked hasn't been on HDTGM yet.
  16. bella_008

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    I think I watched this for the first time when I was about 8 and I was obsessed with the do it for our country scene, it wasn't until I rewatched it for this that I realised how creepy and date-rapey it is. I still love his voice in it though.
  17. bella_008

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    In the 60's $5 was a lot of money, I checked the inflation and its almost $40 of now money per essay.
  18. bella_008

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    I listen to Annas podcast and she usually very sharp and very funny, they recorded this right after her podcast which records quite late and it was also her 40th birthday so I think she probably had a bit too much to drink. I'd love her to come back on another episode in top form because I think she'd be an amazing guest.
  19. bella_008

    Episode 149.5 - Minisode 149.5

    I usually go just to general cinemas because I never think It's worth the price but I took my mum has bad spinal pain which means she can't sit in the normal seats and hasn't been to see a movie at the cinema in years, its was awesome just to see how excited she was to be able to go watch a movie.
  20. I feel like they should continue the VR streak and do The Cell next.
  21. bella_008

    Good Movies Recommendations

    I watched it last weekend and loved it there were some things that i thought could have been done better but I thought overall it was really interesting, although I could hear when it ended a lot of people were excpecting more of an action movie and were disappointed.
  22. More of a question here is Jason's internet age wrong or did he just get mixed up because if he was born in 1972 he would have only been 27 when the Phantom Menace came out?
  23. bella_008

    The Ninth Gate (1999)

    I just rewatched this on Netflix its totally bonkers and needs to be on the show.
  24. bella_008

    The Tuxedo (2002)

    Wait there not in fashion I need to rethink my wardrobe.
  25. bella_008

    Trailer Talk

    Totally off topic does anyone know the minisode that Jason is on, also what's the episode he talks about how he mixed up sides of Boston in the Covenant.