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    Episode 144 - Stealth

    Hey people new to the forum. As chunkstyle pointed out the real villain is in fact the chief of naval operations in this flick but let's extrapolate that out. Sam Shepard, a high ranking naval officer commuted suicide in the line of duty on the USS Lincoln. The minimum amount of damage would be a PR nigh,are for the Navy. At worst however we have a full blown expose on the government leaked to the public on their, I can't stress this enough, super highly confidential and experimental plane program. Leaking gross government spending on A.I. Planes amongst other taxpayer money holes. Not only are these things now laid bare to the U.S. But also the world now knows classified American Intel, which is especially terrifying seeing as the after credit sequence has made it clear that EDI is not only in tact, but functioning enough to turn back on amongst the wreckage of the plane in fucking Noth Korea. That's right the North Koreans are now fully in charge of EDI and I'm sure have very little qualms of collateral damage against us. That's the real sequel right there Tin Man coming back to take revenge on us all