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  1. Bogdanovich is one of the great New Hollywood directors. Yet he really only has a slim number of films that are watchable, let alone great (Although I'm sure stuff like At Long Last Love and Illegally Yours have a healthy following in the BDSM community. THAT double feature would be more painful than any flogging). So I though it would be interesting to debate what are generally considered his best: The Last Picture Show vs. Paper Moon. Both black and white, both packed with homage to classic films, both set against backdrops of economic depression, both masterpieces. But which is more worthy of the Canon?
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    Wings of Desire

    Oh yeah, he's really become a parody of himself. I mean I love his early stuff but Everything Will Be Fine is honest to god garbage.
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    Wings of Desire

    There definitely needs to be more foreign films in the Canon, and I feel like a good place to start for Germany would be Wim Wenders. I think it would make sense to start with what is not only, arguably, his masterpiece, but is also a lovely synthesis of classic German expressionism and the sort of new wave punkish sensibility of the 70s and 80s German New Wave. It's just a wonderful film I would love to hear broken down. Maybe it could be a versus with Paris, Texas or an installment of Wenders' "Road Movie Trilogy." Or it could even be a versus against one of his contemporaries like Herzog or Fassbinder.