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  1. Hear, hear! While the guest was a real giggle-P ("gigglepuss"), I like sometimes having guest who laugh because it make me feel like he Enjoyz the Boyz as much as I do, which is a lot. It also sounds like Mr. Wardell's infectious laughter was transmitted to Hayes as the show went on (though there's an outside chance said infection came from Hayes's few remaining ticks and fleas )
  2. I got scared like some sort of Frankingstein-adjacent villager when Dad started fighting Dad and telling him stop story at the beginning, but it was about strawberry milk and that's serious. Though a source of tension throughout, Hayes had to learn. 10/10
  3. Hello, all. Posting for the v. first time to say I enjoyed this episode a lot and frequently made positive noises that Beck would misinterpret if he could hear them. Also I would like to say that I tried to sign up for the Earwolf forums three times and was denied (like another gentleman whose first initial was J), but I finally broke through today. So I'm either the perseverin'-est or dimmest HH fan of all times, but nonetheless inspired by how Sean and Hayes are nice, but smart, and also cool and are also my friends. I'm sorry for writing this much.