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  1. Chris- what about this girl did you love so much that you could have talked to her forever and hung out with her...? She had nothing to say. I was far more interested in learning about your family and you. That was the only redeeming quality about this call.
  2. AmyTrombley

    Episode 32 - All About Cash

    I have nothing particularly clever to say but THANK YOU CHRIS for upping your game (and the quality of this broadcast). Love you - deeply and truly-- but your podcast has been lackluster (there's a good word for you) since Dublin. "Cash" was great-- and real-- and worth listening to. More like this, Dude, and I will tell effin everyone I know to listen to you (not that haven't really done this already.) Loved this guy--Cash Love your sensitive handling of these fragile people. Keep up the good stuff. (from one of your fans who is still cool at 60!. I wish I could call you and stay anonymous!)
  3. fascinating episode, Chris, and as usual you did a great job in how you handled your questions and comments. She was articulate, interesting, and her stories were frightening at time (punishments). She's overcome a lot and sounded so mature. Nice job, Chris. Love your show.
  4. Dull, dull, dull. I failed to see how you found this woman a sexy professor and felt like you tried to make her way more interesting then she was. The notion of chronotopes is interesting- she was not. Nice try to make lemonade out of lemons.
  5. I really liked this episode- better than the last few. In fact, I wish she hadn't run out of time. I wanted to hear more about life as a military wife (not because I am one). Chris, you laughter is infectious. I think I was more delighted by your reaction to her first date than her story itself. Keep up the good work. We love you out here!
  6. I thought this was actually pretty deep. Chris, you're a great therapist (I know you get in trouble when you sound like one). But this guy revealed a lot in an hour. Hope he heard what we all did. It was pretty cool.
  7. AmyTrombley

    Episode 25 - Noodlebody

    Totally boring. Should have skipped airing this one.
  8. AmyTrombley

    Episode 26 - Hot Scoop

    Graphically accurate, but as a podcast, totally unnecessary. I listened to it all (because it's you, Chris), but it was really the shittiest episode of Beautiful you've done to date- haha!
  9. This was hard (but important) to listen to. It frightens me that people can form opinions so intense IN SPITE OF FACTS to the contrary. Chris, you really are a saint to be so patient. One of my favorite podcasts from an "opening up my mind" perspective.
  10. AmyTrombley

    Episode 28 - Daddy Dearest

    I actually did believe this guy- not at first- but the stories came rolling off his tongue too easily. He was also sincere, sounded really grounded (in spite of his past), and like an honest guy. So I wish him the best (sure wish I knew who his parents are!). Great job with this one, Chris. Best podcast in a while.