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    Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

    I'm bumping this movie again; no one could possibly explain how it got made. Irons made this 10 years after receiving his Oscar, and as mentioned before, gives a Cage-worthy performance. The CGI looks like someone photoshopped Veggie Tales onto the scenes. The green screens are worse than the local weather report. There are too many bald guys, so one wears blue lipstick. Again, this is 2000, about 10 years before and after D&D was popular. This is the template for the Warcraft movie. A lot of people want Brian Posehn, and I can see that. But I'd like to see a live episode with the entire cast of HarmonQuest.
  2. sgtdave

    Night of the Comet (1984)

    I love this movie. Must have seen it a dozen times. 83% freshness rating by the way. Director Thom Eberhardt also made a pretty good supernatural film, Sole Survivor in 1983. If you want a great movie for HDTGM from the same film maker, it needs to be 1991s All I Want For Christmas.
  3. sgtdave

    Wild Thing (1987)

    If you do find yourself watching this (free on YouTube), keep in mind this was written by Oscar nominated screenwriter, John Sayles, and stars Oscar nominated actress, Kathleen Quinlan. Sadly, this is the closest thing we had to a superhero movie when I was a kid. Just imagine Daredevil -- but replace Scott Glenn's character with a bag lady; and instead of the protagonist being a lawyer, he's a half naked Gary Busey.
  4. sgtdave

    Wild Thing (1987)

    If you ever wonder what Batman would be like if he was stupid and homeless, look no further than 1987's Wild Thing. Check out this rave "second opinion" review from IMDB: "Don't look for deeper humor than a joke about sex "hurting" because of the associated noises of the participants. Unless you find low-life hoods, after committing a murder and fleeing, taking care to put on their seatbelts, to be funny. "