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    Episode 592 - The PeeE Neurs

    So one, Orleans wasn't a band until 1972, so that's wrong. Two, and more glaring, Hendrix set his guitar on fire at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. He didn't set his guitar on fire at Woodstock. Also, I'm very glad that Ego and Carl were back. They were missed.
  2. vitalogst

    Episode 588 - Lil' Choices

    For those of us who don't listen to Who Charted? which episode should I listen to for more mole man?
  3. vitalogst

    Episode 130 - The Room (w/ Paul Scheer)

    I do not believe that The Room should be included into any list of movies that are considered great for one obvious reason, it isn't. It isn't a great movie. It's a fun movie, it's an interesting movie, it has a rich back story and heraldry, but that doesn't change the fact that it as a whole is a failure of a film. It fails entirely at its intention, as opposed to the other bad movies listed. This isn't a film by some genius that choose to make the film this way, and had pure intention behind it, this is a film that ended up bad due to the total and complete incompetence of the film maker at its helm. I think the main question is, would anyone use The Room as a teaching tool for what to do right in their own films? Is there anything in The Room that another filmmaker would want to ape in the hopes of elevating their own piece of art? The answer to that has to be a definitive no, which then eliminates it from being a "Canon" worthy film. Tommy Wisseau is not David Lynch. David Lynch makes films that feel similar to this film, bizarre characters, elements that feel like they don't add up to a finished product, but David Lynch is able to do that with intention and understanding. Tommy Wisseau did not make these decisions in the same way as DL, or with the same intention behind his film. David Lynch is a director that has created a legion of copycat and followers based on his use of angle, narrative, lighting, score, story telling and more, because DL, while being a director that rubs many the wrong way, has true intention that he succeeds at executing. Tommy Wisseau fails completely at executing his ideas. Because TW tried to make a great film, and failed, it can't be considered a great film worthy of being considered with the others. If TW intention was to make the best worst film, it would be an incredible feat, but he didn't and this film should not be looked upon as a triumph of art. At best it's a bad film that audiences have found a way to enjoy, only by subverting the intention of the filmmakers and taking away their viewpoint, and supplanting with their own. Do not put this film in the Canon, even if the popular vote is for it, and attempt to keep any semblance of actual authority as a gatekeeper of good taste and understanding of great film. Don't pretend to make a podcast about knowing the difference between great art and bad art and then ignore those rules, if you want to be taken seriously. If you don't care about actually having a legitimacy to your claims, just change the name of the podcast to, "Movies we like and think that are fun for people to watch and we don't really care about whether they're truly good or relevant or purposeful." As that would be more apt.