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    Bula Quo! (2013)

    Status Quo goes to Fiji and gets caught up with a mercifulness gangster, played by Jon Lovitz. Will the gang Lovitz?
  2. That film Michael Showalter is talking about is Daybreakers. I only know this because I live in Brisbane, Australia where it was made and it created a massive buzz- even if it is a terrible film. Which reminds me- another film that attained a massive buzz in my city that flopped tremendously- Drive Hard. Anybody seen it? It got so many people excited and people flocked to the set to see John Cusack- and it was sooooo bad. One more thing to add about Vampire Academy- my mum forced my girlfriend to watch it, because my mum is a massive fan of the books. My girlfriend was bored out of her brain. Thanks mum.