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  1. That theme song was amazing . Not that my opinion really matters, we'll all be dead and this forum lost to the mists of time in a couple of hundred years.
  2. Mr Col

    Episode 177 - Wild Horses, Our Close Friends

    Now, I know the boys like to avoid controversial topics, but did anyone else spot the very astute political analysis that Sean slipped in with the use of a butt metaphor? "the centre right now is very much just the right cheek, and the left is non-existent". Obviously here he is commenting on the global shift of the political spectrum towards the right wing, or "cheek", and the collapse of adequate opposition from the left.
  3. Mr Col

    Episode 171 - Chris Bannon, Our Close Boss

    Alf Gore, I too am trying to make this leap today, I hope I haven't been too presumptuous in presenting my "Hayes has done something to Kevin" theory so early in my time on the forums, and without substantial evidence.
  4. Mr Col

    Episode 171 - Chris Bannon, Our Close Boss

    Has anyone else noticed that Kevin has not featured on an episode since he did not ask for permission to take photos (ep 168 I believe) ? I assumed at the time that Hayes had not noticed Kevin's failure, but now fear he may have chosen to let out his rage after the recording.
  5. Mr Col

    Hi everyone! I'm new

    Hi honlads
  6. Mr Col

    Hi everyone! I'm new

    Hi Bob, thanks for the welcome! I would congratulate you on a joke well done, but unfortunately Mr Farrell is from Ireland, not Scotland.
  7. Mr Col

    Hi everyone! I'm new

    Hey guys! My name is Colin and I'm from Scotland. I've been a big fan of hollywood handbook for a while and since I've just joined the forums I thought id say hi