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    I think this is going to hurt them a lot more than help. My personal reason for not being willing to pay the fee is that The Canon is the only podcast on Earwolf that I listen to. Guess I'll just try to listen to everything in the first 6 months. Ads really were the way to go.
  2. jonmhillman

    The Forum Forum

    I have a question about how to get my old username back. I've posted here many times as "jhillman", and now I can't seem to login to that account. I think I used to just sign in through Facebook, which doesn't seem to work anymore, and now if I try to reset my password, nothing gets sent to my email. What are my options here?
  3. jonmhillman

    The Canon Is On Hiatus

    So, what Shannon is essentially telling us is that when we download an episode, we should never delete it. I still have a few of the older episodes that I never deleted from my phone, and I guess I never will now. That seriously does sound like some shit.