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  1. I also made a playlist reflecting Scott's resequencing, and I called it Fables Reconstructed. You're welcome! Best moment on any episode of either show! I laughed SO hard.
  2. Jack Frost

    Episode 139 - The NeverEnding Story (w/ Dave Nadelberg)

    This might be the easiest Yes vote I've ever cast. To say that the challenges Atreyu faces aren't substantial enough is to take only a surface-level reading of them. To look for your reflection to find that you only exist within someone else's imagination would be TERRIFYING if you encountered it in real life. And when you consider that Bastian is escaping into his own private fantasy world to avoid having to face the pain of his mother's death, then shouting her name into the storm to save Fastasia is not an insignificant event. And by the way, I'm positive that the audience is not supposed to be able to understand the name, because it gives us the opportunity to perhaps hear a name that would be more significant to us personally than any Bastian could have given; especially considering that is the moment when the Empress is pleading with us, the audience, to use our own imaginations and not to let the magic die.
  3. Jack Frost

    Episode 133 - American Psycho (w/ April Wolfe)

    I felt the same way. Like "Wait, what does Fight Club have to do with anything?" And then I realized that Amy and April consider them both films about masculinity, or just "male-ness" in some way. I actually think Fight Club is the very rare instance of the movie being a little better than the book, but I don't think either one belongs in the canon.
  4. Jack Frost

    Episode 133 - American Psycho (w/ April Wolfe)

    Ellis was on Maron, and Maron asked him if Bateman really did any of it. Ellis said "I don't know."
  5. Jack Frost

    Episode 133 - American Psycho (w/ April Wolfe)

    Also not to mansplain here, but American Psycho was most definitely a musical on broadway that recently ended its run: https://www.broadway.com/shows/american-psycho/
  6. Jack Frost

    Episode 133 - American Psycho (w/ April Wolfe)

    This is a yes vote for me. I admit that toward the beginning of the show I started to get a little impatient with the way Amy and April were describing what the male characters are "really" saying and how it's really the same thing that Bateman is saying, and I was thinking "Oh here we go, another episode where two women talk about how men are basically the worst." But as the discussion went on, I thought about how this film was written by a woman, and directed by another woman, and how it makes sense that female viewers might pick up on subtleties that I as a man would miss. Or as April described it as an instructional film that illustrates how women are sometimes made to feel, it made me realize that perhaps I've just never had to think about things from that angle because as a straight white guy I have the luxury of ignoring it if I want to. This episode, like The Brood, made me want to dig out my DVDs of both films and watch them; and I think I will have to do that very soon.
  7. Jack Frost

    Episode 1 - The First One

    So...about the hot pepper/pogo stick guy: I'm going to get pedantic for a second. First off, it was a nerdy white guy. He was on Jenny Jones or Ricki Lake because he had set the most records in the Guinness book. That was his whole deal, he was obsessed with the Guinness book. One of the records had involved a pogo stick. Also it wasn't "mind over matter" exactly, so much as "you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it," which was why he loved the book so much. Even nerdy white guys could do useless crap and get into a book. Well at some point he popped the hottest pepper into his mouth and Jenny is like "You're just eating that???" and he's all "I've had hotter," with a big smirk on his face. A little while later, the camera cut back to him and his eyes were watering and he was really in a bad way. I remember he wiped his nose and a HUGE glob of snot came out. So they spirit him away backstage, and after the commercial break he comes hopping back onto the stage on a pogo stick and explained that he had gotten some of the oil from the pepper in his eye. I do not remember him crashing through any glass table, I think the John might be conflating that detail with something else.
  8. Jack Frost

    Episode 127- Back to the Future Trilogy (w/ Evan Dickson)

    The first one is definitely Canon worthy. When my wife and I throw one on a lot of times we put in part 2 just because it has more thrills and spills, but it's a more frivolous movie. I understand wanting to take the trilogy as a whole but when the first one was such a complete film and the other two were retrofitted onto it, I don't feel like it necessary. It's Part One only, for me.
  9. Jack Frost

    The Mangler (1995)

    I searched and didn't see a separate topic for it. I know Tobe Hopper just passed, so what better way to honor him than contemplating exactly what him and Robert Englund were thinking when they made this batshit crazy hunk of crap. Ted Lavine (Buffalo Bill) turns in a pretty entertaining performance as a good cop.
  10. Jack Frost

    Demon Wind (1990)

    You MUST do this coocoo bananas, terrible horror movie for Halloween.
  11. Jack Frost

    Episode 169.5 - Minisode 169.5

    Kevin Thompson [Ali Gator] was on an episode of I Was There Too for Return of the Jedi, in which he played an Ewok. http://www.earwolf.com/episode/return-of-the-jedi-with-kevin-thompson/
  12. Jack Frost

    Episode 164 - The Wraith: LIVE!

    Right. In the moment I took Quiff City to mean P**sy City, or "the place where the hot girls are."
  13. Jack Frost

    Episode 164 - The Wraith: LIVE!

    I thought it was a lot of fun back when it came out, and I was not a Spice Girls fan.
  14. Jack Frost

    Episode 164 - The Wraith: LIVE!

    To my ears, Skank is not referring to the swimming hole as "Queef City," but Quiff City. My hunch is that the writers confused the word quiff which is a pompadour-like hairstyle popularized by Smiths singer Morrissey, with quim which is British slang for ladyparts. That or it was their sly way of calling Morrissey a pussy.
  15. Jack Frost

    Episode 106 - Fatal Attraction (w/ Heather Matarazzo)

    All I will say is until you are married with kids yourself, you have no idea what people who are married with kids go through.