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  1. Earwolf is cutting us off to get people to use Howl more, right? Maybe if Howl's numbers don't shoot up they'll reverse their decision...one can only hope. I really think they're shooting themselves in the foot here, especially with new listeners. Oh, and how do the artists actually responsible for the material feel about these? I know the HDTGM guys aren't happy, and they can't be the only ones. Surely their opinion matters at least as much as the suits--without 'em we'd have nothing!
  2. I noticed the Howl app has a 2-ish rating right now--have they improved on it at all, or is it still really that mediocre? I haven't had any real problems with it, but I'm mostly concerned with the content.
  3. There's really not much Earwolf can do to stop people from ripping the files with a web browser add-on, or torrenting them en masse. I'm sure no one on this forum would do such a thing, however, because everyone here is an upstanding individual. I surely wouldn't.
  4. Now I can get all the episodes ad-free, for free! Thanks Earwolf!