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  1. When the movie was released in Canada, I was working in a comic book store and I was responsible for handling film giveaways and promotions. I got to see a lot of bad movies at preview screenings for free during my tenure there (many of which have ended up on HDTGM), but not Highlander II. Instead, the distributor gave our store fat stacks, literally hundreds, of 2 dollar off coupons for the wide release of the movie. So many, in fact, we were handing out handfuls of them to customers and friends for the short duration of the theatrical run. They were printed to look like 2 dollar bills, with Lambert and Connery's faces on them. I have no idea if this was a Canada or Toronto only thing. I unfortunately can't find any reference to these online but they definitely existed. They remain my favourite movie "promo" item from that time, along with my drawer full of Phantom rings (also gone) and Ravenous beef jerky (eaten by staff); I wish I still had them.